December 31, 2013

Alpha and his Gibson RD on Total Guitar

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

Total Guitar has recently talked to our Alpha (Mr. Ghoul Lead Guitarist) about his weapon of choice: his elegant, custom colored, Gibson RD that we are used to see on stage wonderfully played by his talented hands! Let us hear in the video below all the details.

December 24, 2013

Radio Interview with A Nameless Ghoul on "The Rock Train"

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

our friends at the radio show "The Rock Train" on Siren FM 107.3 have informed us that on Thursday, December 26th they are going to air the interview conducted with A Nameless Ghoul in London when Ghost played at Alexandra Palace.
It will be featured on the two-hour show which starts at 8pm (U.K. time) and the live stream is available at:
Tune in at the right time to enjoy the conversation!
[Need help with time zones? Check here]

December 19, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - Pakkahuone, Tampere 12/12/2013

Photos by our fellow devotee Katri Mäkinen - on Instagram
(thank you!)

December 17, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - The Circus, Helsinki 13/12/2013

Photos taken and kindly shared on the Coven's message boards by our fellow devotee Marko Raumala (thank you!)

December 14, 2013

Ghost at The Circus, Helsinki 13/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

yesterday in Helsinki it was the last ritual of this tour and we have been told that our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls have offered the lucky attendees a very energic and powerful performance! We wish them to enjoy their more than deserved rest at the cloister, while we can relive some moments of the show through these videos.

"Secular Haze"

"Here Comes The Sun"
so impressive it would really make the ice melt!

December 13, 2013

Ghost at Club Teatria, Oulu 11/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls have brought their infernal psalms to Oulu and from these videos we can see that the reception has been definitely very passionate! We couldn't help singing along too just as if we were there!

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

"Year Zero"
Omega's solo is sounding even more exquisite than usual here!

December 12, 2013

Interview with A Nameless Ghoul on TV Rock Live

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a new interview on TV Rock Live recaps basically all the main subjects about Ghost and about their present and future plans: their concept, the character of Papa Emeritus, working with Grohl, the cover songs included on the latest EP, what's next for the band and more general/philosophical topics such as sex, religion (including the banned artwork in the U.S.) and even Death. Let us listen to what the Nameless Ghoul had to say about all this in the full interview below (French subtitles included).

December 11, 2013

Ghost at Idunteatern, Umeå 09/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

let us once again unite and follow our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls as they relentlessly bring their theatrical gospel around Scandinavia: this time it was Umeå's turn to be carried in the black bubble to enjoy a night of entertainment and great music!

"Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

"Prime Mover"

December 10, 2013

Interview with A Nameless Ghoul on Berlin Metal TV

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a new interview from Germany has been published by Berlin Metal TV and we get to hear more about Ghost's
future plans for 2014 and 2015, regarding the third album and the touring schedule which includes the usual summer festivals (some of them have already been confirmed by now - see the "Sabbath" realm). The Nameless Ghoul then talks a bit more about how the band chooses the songs they have covered and what kind of songs they wish to cover, where the ideas for their artworks come from, and more. Below the video of the entire interview - considering how he is usually guilty of being the politest Ghoul ever - we are sure that was no lie when he said he was smiling behind his mask!

December 09, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul interviewed on Under Radio

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

A Nameless Ghoul will be a guest on during the show "Impact" with a 20 minutes interview - the show will air on Monday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m. CET, then will be replied on Thursday December 12th at the same time.

To listen to the show tune in at the proper time on [Need help with time zones? Check here]

Updates: The interview has been uploaded by Under Radio on Youtube:

(Italian transcription available on Under Radio's website.)

Ghost at Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm 08/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

the ritual in Stockholm has ended juts a few hours ago and luckily there already are some videos to let us catch a glimpse of the show!

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"
(Note: devotees who were at this ritual reported that initially the sound had some issues and Papa's voice could not be heard until around the time of "Con Clavi Con Dio")

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

December 08, 2013

Ghost at Flygeln, Norrköping 07/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

it looks like the ritual in Norrköping has been memorable!, we have been reading such enthusiastic comments and everyone sounds so pleased, that's great, and from the videos we can definitely notice an amazing reception and support from the crowd, we were not there physically, but we were spiritually!

First of all, even before Ghost's ritual started, a "Hell Yes!" moment happened: our Mr. Ghoul Drummer joined Dead Soul on stage!

Dead Soul - "Find That Man" featuring Mr. Ghoul Drummer

"Stand By Him"
sounds even more awesome than usual adorned with a special keyboard intro!

Ghost at Club 700, Örebro 05/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

even just by watching the videos we can't help feeling overwhelmed every time by the special atmosphere and the otherworldly musicianship of our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls. Join us in this blasphemous vision!
"Prime Mover"

"If You Have Ghost(s)"
What a magnificent extended ending enriches even more this song during the live rituals!

December 06, 2013

Ghost at Gasklockorna - Gävle 04/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

the Scandinavian crusade of our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls is successfully proceeding and we simply can't get enough of watching videos from the latest rituals and enjoying all their talent that really shines through and and delights us every time.

"Year Zero"

"Ghuleh / Zombie Queen" (and a taste of "Monstrance Clock")

December 04, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul interviewed on Metal XS

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

recently the French magazine Metal XS has conducted an interview with a Nameless Ghoul and an English
version has been made available, the conversation focuses mainly on their EP of covers with an explanation of how each track was developed by Ghost, and there is also a mention to to the chance of doing more covers in the future, although the Ghoul explains very clearly that this "bonus material" must not be seen necessarily as the linear direction the band's sound is taking, as they are sort of side tracks - or as we use to call them here in the Coven, "Spin Offs".
 Below you can watch the clip with the interview and hear about all this and more! (Note: the clip about Ghost starts at minute 08:23).

Ghost at Byscenen, Trondheim 02/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

another great ritual took place yesterday in Norway, and as always we are very glad to catch a taste of the awesomeness through videos uploaded by the lucky attendees who were there! We are lucky tonight and there are several good clips from the ritual in Trondheim:

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

December 03, 2013

Interview with A Nameless Ghoul on PitCam.TV

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

on this new interview with PitCam.TV we learn about what happens if the Nameless Ghoul has to choose between Abba and Mercyful Fate, and we hear the story of how Ghost became aware that James Hetfield was wearing one of their t-shirts on Swedish television while they were away performing...

Ghost at BBC Radio 1 Rock Show

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

earlier today Ghost announced they had previously performed at BBC Radio 1 Rock Show (they recorded the whole session at Maida Vale Studios on November 8th, 2013)  and provided a link to listen to the show, which got aired a couple of hours ago. It was an amazing surprise to find out one by one what tracks were chosen for the show: "Prime Mover", "Jigolo Har Megiddo", "Year Zero" and "If You Have Ghost(s)", each one introduced with a comment by the Nameless Ghoul. Below you can listen to what we managed to capture from the streaming (only "Prime Mover" lacks the very beginning cause we were setting up when the song started). An awesome performance which left us amazed and also craving for more... Before listening - prepare yourself to be overwhelmed!

"Prime Mover"
Note:beware, the bass is going to blow you away!

"Jigolo Har Megiddo"
Note: Papa's voice sounds even more seducing than usual, we really want to praise that irresistible hi-hat too and of course one of the most charming keyboard parts ever!

November 30, 2013

Ghost at Rockefeller Music Hall - Oslo 28/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

here we have our first videos from the ritual in Oslo, which also allow us to enjoy a spectacular ending on "If You Have Ghost(s)"!

"Stand By Him"

"If You Have Ghost(s)"

November 27, 2013

Ghost at Mejeriet, Lund 25/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

the Scandinavian tour kicked off yesterday in Lund and we are sure it has been an amazing ritual as we have already heard so many enthusiastic comments by some of the lucky attendees! let us enjoy some memories from the night through a few videos below!

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

"Jigolo Har Megiddo"
(one of the few videos of this song so far!)

November 24, 2013

Ghost at Backstage, München 23/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

some first videos from München have appeared on Youtube and we are very grateful for these promptly uploads, with a nice quality of sound and image! It's also very clear how the whole crowd was very caught up with the awesomeness and it's always great to see our fellow devotees all over the World enjoying their ritual!

"Death Knell" + "Genesis" amazing is this? We are speechless!

"Ghuleh/Zombie Queen"

Ghost at C-Club, Berlin 22/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

it seems like our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls found in Berlin a very warm and passionate crowd who showed a loud and heartfelt devotion - well done!

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

November 22, 2013

Ghost at Markthalle, Hamburg 20/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

our friends at Ghost Denmark have been in Germany for the ritual in Hamburg and they have shared with all of us not only some nice pictures (that you can see here) but also some good videos to relive the night together. Let us enjoy them below!

"Here Comes The Sun"

"If You Have Ghost(s)"

November 15, 2013

Ghost at O2 Academy, Glasgow 14/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

special treat today, a video of the full ritual in Glasgow is available!

November 14, 2013

Ghost at Manchester Academy 11/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

it is with great pleasure that we have found and are sharing these videos of the ritual in Manchester, very good quality of image and sound, to let us enjoy better Ghost's awesomeness!

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" (partial)

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

November 13, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul talks to Metal Hammer about the new covers EP

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a Nameless Ghoul has guested on Metal Hammer Magazine Show and talked a bit more thoroughly about the new Ghost EP, choosing the songs, the recording process, and more - below you can listen to the whole audio interview (thanks to Ghost Sweden for brining this up).

November 12, 2013

"IF YOU HAVE GHOST" EP FULL STREAMING and track-by track comment!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

“[...]We wanted to do one of their songs,
 though, because it’s always fun bringing a 
homoerotic composition into the oh-so-hetero
 metal community!”
Ghost talks about covering "Crucified"
 by Army of Lovers

"unbelievable" and "otherwordly" are probably among the words we have been using more often to describe our almighty Papa and the Nameless Ghouls since the Coven has been created, and tonight, won't be an exception as a truly unholy gift has been revealed on the Quietus: the upcoming new EP "If You Have Ghost" in full streaming, including an amazing, previously never heard, version of Army of Lovers' "Crucified", and a track-by track comment by Ghost themselves (thanks to our fellow devotee Branislav for the heads up on this!). While all the other tracks have been already available before, and therefore we already had time to fully enjoy them, "Crucified" has made its debut among us only a few hours ago and let us tell you fellow Ghost devotees, that it has immediately become one of our favorite cover songs by Ghost so far. Not only it totally fits with Ghost's concept, but their version of the song sounds simply amazing, it's darker, it rocks just as much as it should, it resembles a foggy and horror-esque atmosphere, and Papa's voice has that eerie vibe we love so much, overall the song really includes most of qualities that make them unique and unforgettable to us.
So, this has really made our night here in the Coven and while we are dancing in circles, reaching out our arms towards our Master and leaving this earthly realm behind, we really hope that all of you who are reading this will join us and praise the glory of our almighty Ghost together.
Below you can listen to the full EP (please note: this is still not available in every country, so if it doesn't play in yours, we are very sorry but it's not not our fault, nor Ghost's, you can blame the music industry for that and try to put a curse on it).

Also, be sure not to miss this very interesting track-by-track comment by Ghost, which explains us   how the cover songs have been chosen and how Ghost have worked in effort to leave their mark on them , adding their twist to the songs, also with the contribution of Dave Grohl on production, drums (on "I'm A Marionette" and "Waiting For The Night") and rhythm guitar (on "If You Have Ghost(s)").

"IF YOU HAVE GHOST(s)" EP is due to be released on November 19th: PRE-ORDER HERE! We have already booked our copy a long time ago and on Nov. 19th there will be a great celebration.