February 28, 2013

Interview with A Nameless Ghoul at Soundwave festival in Sydney

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

it's always an exciting moment in the Coven when we find a new interview! We have just added a very recent one by Utopia TV who has talked to one of our Nameless Ghouls at last Sunday's Soundwave festival in Sydney. Check it out in the Visiones - Video Interviews realm. Enjoy!

 The Witches of The Coven

February 26, 2013

New ritual in Los Angeles announced!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a few hours ago the Clergy has announced great news for all of you in the Los Angeles area: Ghost will perform a ritual at El Rey Theatre on April 15th! More details can be found HERE (but pre sale apparently is already sold out!). Regular sale can be found HERE (starts on march 8th) .

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Sydney 24/02/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

some videos and photos from the ritual in Sydney begin to appear on the Internet, and we promptly created this dedicated post to share anything we can find and enjoy it together.

Let's start with this close-up video , recommended to us by Crippe von Fraucht (via our Facebook page) and by Kathi (via email) : thanks to you both, we really appreciate it!

( We love it when the Nameless Ghoul guitarist gets so into it)

"Secular Haze" (thanks to Youtube user simk0003)

Papa Emeritus II in all his magnificent stage presence [Photo by Leighton Wallis on Flickr]
Papa Emeritus II

The author of this picture also reports this setlist :

1.Con Clavi Con Dio
2. Elizabeth
3. Prime Mover
4. Secular Haze
5. Death Knell
6. Ritual
(Note:On the previous date in Brisbane, "Stand By Him" was also performed, so at the moment we are writing, we are not sure whether this is just an inaccuracy in the reported setlist or they actually didn't play it .) // Update: we have been informed by the photographer that the setlist is accurate and they actually didn't play it: see comments below.

As usual, your recommendations and submissions are hell-come and will be properly credited, just send us an email and one of us Nameless Witches will update the post.

[Last update: February 26th, 23:13 p.m. CET]

February 25, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - Soundwave festival Brisbane 23/02/2013

Photos by Richie Rodeo ( kindly sent to The Coven via email - please do not use these pictures without crediting the original author, remember Satan sees everything and He will let us know - thank you )

February 24, 2013

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Brisbane 23/02/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

 here in The Coven we really can't wait to see some photos or videos and read some reviews of the first Soundwave ritual. So far, we have managed to find only this short video ( sort of low quality - audio gets better at about 0:30 -  but  we thank the uploader anyway for giving us at least a quick  glimpse of the Brisbane show!) :

According to this submission on Setlist.fm , these are the songs that were performed :

 [ Intro - Masked Ball ]
1.Con Clavi Con Dio
2. Elizabeth
3. Prime Mover
4. Secular Haze
5. Stand by Him
6. Death Knell
7. Ritual

Our familiars are out to explore the Internet looking for other videos, photos and reviews, so we will be updating this post as soon as they return with something interesting. If any devotee who attended the Brisbane ritual is reading this and would like to share   photos or videos taken at the show, we would really appreciate it, you can leave us a link in a comment to this post or send us an email. May Satan reward any contributor!  

Here's a video for "Ritual" (thanks to Richie Rodeo for filming and uploading this!) , enjoy:

And here from a different viewpoint (Thanks to Kathi for pointing us to this video, and to Youber JaJaGamers for uploading this). Notice how the crowd is enjoying the ritual...damn we so wish we were there too!

....Are you ready to look into the eyes of the "Prime Mover" ? Thanks to Youtuber JaJaGamers for another good video!

Also from the same uploader, "Elizabeth" ...

.... "Secular Haze"

....and "Stand By Him"

Another video of "Secular Haze", thanks to Youtube user duntamedfat:

For live photos from this show we have now a specific post:

Visiones- Live photos - Soundwave festival Brisbane 23/02/2013

and we would like to express our gratitude to Richie Rodeo for sending his great shots to us via email: may Satan fulfill all his sinful wishes!

[Last update: March 1st, 06:46 p.m. CET]

February 23, 2013

ArtistDirect lists 10 Reasons Papa Emeritus II Should Be Pope (and we strongly agree)

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

during our nightly astral travel in the lands of the WorldWideWeb, today's feature on Artist Direct caught our attention: it's a list of top ten reasons why our almighty Papa Emeritus II should be Pope. Needless to say, we definitely agree with each one of them and he already is the only Pope we recognize and worship! Most intriguing of all, the reason number 1 is as follows:
"INFESTISSUMAM, out April 9 via Loma Vista Recordings/Republic Records, is one of the best rock 'n' roll albums of this century. We're not fucking around. It's that good. When you make music this amazing, you deserve to lead the Catholic church…"

...Oh, lucky are those ears that have already experienced the awesomeness! However, the wait is getting everyday more exciting and we are enjoying every bit of it, so these little hints here and there are really spicing it up for us.

Easily, a reason that couldn't be missing is the number 7:

"7. He has no problem with people "getting down" or "getting busy". See the band's Ghoulish Perversions tumblr for more "info" and "examples"."

Sure, why in the hell would someone want a spiritual leader who's got problems with people having sex? None of us Ghost devotees would, of course! And that's why not only their music but also their fan art is as clever as that.

To read the whole list, move your astral body to the Artist Direct website. Enjoy!

February 21, 2013

Habemus "Infestissumam" Cover Art

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
the clergy has revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming album "Infestissumam" through their official mailing list:

U.S.A. version (Ghost "B.C.")

European version 
As already pointed out in recent interviews  the first album was written from a pre-Antichrist point of view, while "Infestissumam", as this cover shows very clearly, will deal with the presence of the Devil's Son on earth. We really can't wait to hear how His Kingdom  will sound like.

  Don't forget to pre-order your copy from HERE , or HERE  (U.S.A. only) .

February 19, 2013

Ghost release official video for "Secular Haze" !

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
a tremendously exciting news today: Ghost have released an official video for "Secular Haze" !
The video has been shot in Linköping by Amir Chamdin, it was premiered on Noisey only for certain areas, and it will be available worldwide on february 19th at 3:00 A.M. Eastern Time.
Yes, the wait is going to be tough for those who can't see it yet, unfortunately we can't do anything about that, nor can we cast a spell when the decision comes from our unholy Lords themselves . But we have some screenshots to soothe you in the meanwhile.

 In the Coven we have seen it and we can tell you that we love it. Basically, it's Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls playing in a sort of vintage TV show set, the director builds an evocative atmosphere with subtle colors, candles, smoke, playing with lights and shadows. Oh, it's really glorious, we are going to watch it again, and again, and again. Join us in celebrating and have a look at this fine piece of art as soon as it is available for your zone:

February 17, 2013

20% Off sale at Ghost North American Webstore

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
for those of you who are in the mood for some sinful shopping, the official North American webstore is offering a 20% off sale until Monday, February 18th, using the code : PRES20 at check out. One of our favourite items is the "Possession T-Shirt", all that red looks so tasty. And what about the Ghost Grucifix necklace? I mean, this is really a must-have for any witch devoted to Ghost! Well, every item is so tempting we would actually buy everything...enjoy your shopping!

February 16, 2013

Ghost featured in issue #100 of Decibel magazine

The 100th issue (February 2013) of Decibel magazine features an extensive article about Ghost, including an interview with one of the Nameless guitarists and also a few answers by Papa Emeritus II himself.
Speaking of the upcoming album "Infestissumam", the Ghoul explained that the new songs will mostly be referring to the presence of the anti-Christ on earth and how mankind deals with that, whereas "Opus Eponymous" was more about the impending arrival of the Devil's Son. Musically, it will have harder and softer parts then the first one, and keyboards will be more prominent. About working with Nick Raskulinecz, he seemed the best choice as producer because they think he delivers albums very representative of the bands' sound, not putting a sort of "stamp" with his own kind of sound on his productions like other producers often do . "With more resources, we're doing what we set up to do," the Nameless Ghoul said to Decibel magazine, "which is to make a record that sounds like a real expensive record dome in 1978, as opposed to a lo-fi album done in the '70s. Nick is one of the few who understood what we meant by that, and he's very devoted to Satan."
 Decibel magazine also mentioned the fan site "The Nameless Harem" (one of our favorites by the way, see "Nexus - Links" section), which mainly features fan art and drawings of Papa Emeritus and the Nameless Ghouls in different sexual activities and when asked why, in his opinion, Ghost fans are so "fixated on sex", the Nameless Ghoul answered "I think what Ghost represents, which is sort of semi-dangerous boogie-woogie rock combined with faceless beings - you can easily transform what you don't see underneath into anything you wish. [...]"
 To read more about this and other topics covered in the article, such as band anonymity, signing to a major label [Ghost have recently signed with Loma Vista recordings, which is in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group], comments on their music by Phil Anselmo and James Hetfield, and more, you can buy the issue online here: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/magazine/ghost-100-february-2013/.

February 11, 2013

"Infestissumam" to be released on April 9th

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
laetitia et gaudio here in the Coven for the upcoming release of the new album "Infestissumam", coming out on April 9th ! The official release date has been recently announced, along with the U.S.A. tour dates. Tracklist will be as follows:

Take your unholy oath that you will buy the album pre-ordering it from HERE (U.S.A. only) , or HERE(signed copies!). Have a tantalizing wait, we are sure it will be worth it.

February 10, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - Cupolen 15/12/2012

Live @ Cupolen 15/12/2012 Linköping (SWE)

Photos by theKonstapeln on Flickr

Papa Emeritus I from Ghost, live @ Cupolen, Linköping

Ghost, Live @ Cupolen

Ghost, Live @ Cupolen

Ghost, Live @ Cupolen

Ghost, Live @ Cupolen

Photos by robbankanto on Flickr