February 23, 2013

ArtistDirect lists 10 Reasons Papa Emeritus II Should Be Pope (and we strongly agree)

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

during our nightly astral travel in the lands of the WorldWideWeb, today's feature on Artist Direct caught our attention: it's a list of top ten reasons why our almighty Papa Emeritus II should be Pope. Needless to say, we definitely agree with each one of them and he already is the only Pope we recognize and worship! Most intriguing of all, the reason number 1 is as follows:
"INFESTISSUMAM, out April 9 via Loma Vista Recordings/Republic Records, is one of the best rock 'n' roll albums of this century. We're not fucking around. It's that good. When you make music this amazing, you deserve to lead the Catholic church…"

...Oh, lucky are those ears that have already experienced the awesomeness! However, the wait is getting everyday more exciting and we are enjoying every bit of it, so these little hints here and there are really spicing it up for us.

Easily, a reason that couldn't be missing is the number 7:

"7. He has no problem with people "getting down" or "getting busy". See the band's Ghoulish Perversions tumblr for more "info" and "examples"."

Sure, why in the hell would someone want a spiritual leader who's got problems with people having sex? None of us Ghost devotees would, of course! And that's why not only their music but also their fan art is as clever as that.

To read the whole list, move your astral body to the Artist Direct website. Enjoy!

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