February 24, 2013

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Brisbane 23/02/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

 here in The Coven we really can't wait to see some photos or videos and read some reviews of the first Soundwave ritual. So far, we have managed to find only this short video ( sort of low quality - audio gets better at about 0:30 -  but  we thank the uploader anyway for giving us at least a quick  glimpse of the Brisbane show!) :

According to this submission on Setlist.fm , these are the songs that were performed :

 [ Intro - Masked Ball ]
1.Con Clavi Con Dio
2. Elizabeth
3. Prime Mover
4. Secular Haze
5. Stand by Him
6. Death Knell
7. Ritual

Our familiars are out to explore the Internet looking for other videos, photos and reviews, so we will be updating this post as soon as they return with something interesting. If any devotee who attended the Brisbane ritual is reading this and would like to share   photos or videos taken at the show, we would really appreciate it, you can leave us a link in a comment to this post or send us an email. May Satan reward any contributor!  

Here's a video for "Ritual" (thanks to Richie Rodeo for filming and uploading this!) , enjoy:

And here from a different viewpoint (Thanks to Kathi for pointing us to this video, and to Youber JaJaGamers for uploading this). Notice how the crowd is enjoying the ritual...damn we so wish we were there too!

....Are you ready to look into the eyes of the "Prime Mover" ? Thanks to Youtuber JaJaGamers for another good video!

Also from the same uploader, "Elizabeth" ...

.... "Secular Haze"

....and "Stand By Him"

Another video of "Secular Haze", thanks to Youtube user duntamedfat:

For live photos from this show we have now a specific post:

Visiones- Live photos - Soundwave festival Brisbane 23/02/2013

and we would like to express our gratitude to Richie Rodeo for sending his great shots to us via email: may Satan fulfill all his sinful wishes!

[Last update: March 1st, 06:46 p.m. CET]

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