February 26, 2013

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Sydney 24/02/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

some videos and photos from the ritual in Sydney begin to appear on the Internet, and we promptly created this dedicated post to share anything we can find and enjoy it together.

Let's start with this close-up video , recommended to us by Crippe von Fraucht (via our Facebook page) and by Kathi (via email) : thanks to you both, we really appreciate it!

( We love it when the Nameless Ghoul guitarist gets so into it)

"Secular Haze" (thanks to Youtube user simk0003)

Papa Emeritus II in all his magnificent stage presence [Photo by Leighton Wallis on Flickr]
Papa Emeritus II

The author of this picture also reports this setlist :

1.Con Clavi Con Dio
2. Elizabeth
3. Prime Mover
4. Secular Haze
5. Death Knell
6. Ritual
(Note:On the previous date in Brisbane, "Stand By Him" was also performed, so at the moment we are writing, we are not sure whether this is just an inaccuracy in the reported setlist or they actually didn't play it .) // Update: we have been informed by the photographer that the setlist is accurate and they actually didn't play it: see comments below.

As usual, your recommendations and submissions are hell-come and will be properly credited, just send us an email and one of us Nameless Witches will update the post.

[Last update: February 26th, 23:13 p.m. CET]


  1. Hey mate, I'm the photographer of that photo and can gaurantee 'Stand By Him' was not played. I was a little surprised no 'Stand By Him' or 'Satan Prayer'.

    1. Hello Leighton, thanks for letting us know, we have just updated the post! Sorry to hear the setlist had to be shortened in Sydney.