March 04, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul interviewed by Metal As Fuck

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

looks like our Ghouls have been quite busy doing interviews while they were touring Australia! Here's another one we have found on australian webzine Metal As Fuck, who talked to one of Ghost' s guitar players about their anonymity (I think we will always see a question about this in almost any interview), the next album, the meanings behind their lyrics and their musical influences.
 Speaking of "Opus Eponymous" the Nameless Ghoul said "[...] we felt that each song had its own unique flavour, and we tried to have The Who’s thinking; each song should be a hit, and not just fill it out [the album] with ‘a mood’…(Let us just say they surely achieved their goal, since each song on the album sounds so damn good that we got hooked forever on the first listen...) "[...]…and that’s the sort of thing we went with on the new album. So it’s gonna sound like ten other songs; all combined I think it will probably make a good 15 or 16 song live set.
 Hopefully, all of us devotees will soon have the chance to hear how the tracks will blend in a live context, we are sure it's going to be mind-blowing. And we are ready for more!
 To read the whole interview, move your astral body to the Metal As Fuck site.

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