March 25, 2013

Ghost At Brixton Academy, London 24/03/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we have just noticed this video from yesterday' s ritual in London and we could not wait to share it with you all:
it is the mesmerizing "Monstrance Clock" ! We are seriously astonished by its charm.

Come together, together as one... Come together for Lucifer' s Son...

And now let us enjoy some instrumental pleasure with "Genesis"

"Secular Haze"

"Year Zero"

"Satan Prayer"

A special thank to Gary Brayne for this great footage of "Death Knell" ....

...."Per Aspera Ad Inferi"...


...and "Secular Haze"


"The allure of the band makes tonight's headlining performance highly anticipated and when the stain glass windowed backdrop is revealed the atmosphere is filled with a blackened chill which is fortified by new track "Infestissumam", complete with its Sabbath-like main riffs and the first glimpse of distinguished front man Papa Emeritus II. It doesn't take long for the harmonious vocals to soar high into the rafters, gripping each and every one of the crowd in a set long moment of miraculous fascination."
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