March 20, 2013

Ghost At O2 Academy, Glasgow 19/03/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

here is the first video we found from the ritual in Glasgow. We bet you can guess which song it is...!

Unfortunately the video is cut before the end of the song, but take a look at the synchronized jumping of the crowd: well done fellow devotees in Glasgow, pity we couldn't have been there with you!

And here is the last minute of "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" , quite a liturgical atmosphere indeed:

The amazing opening with "Infestissumam + Per Aspera Ad Inferi"
and the other new songs "Year Zero" and "Monstrance Clock"
(thanks to fellow devotee Eddiejose for recommending this video!)

Anti-christ will walk the listen to "Prime Mover"

"Secular Haze" and "Stand By Him", front row view:

Now, we know we have seen a lot of live videos of "Ritual" , but this one is a damn good one, so we had to share, also it has a very good view on our unholy rhythm section!

And from the same uploader, "Elizabeth" :

....Receive the beast.... "Death Knell"

A temptress smitten by the blackest force ..."Stand By Him"

....and another one of "Secular Haze"
(we would like to thank Ryan Walsh for all these great videos from Glasgow!)


  1. You're welcome ;) I really like this site and I posted you the video as soon as I've seen it on Youtube!

    1. We are very glad that you enjoy the Coven, thanks for the support - we are now also following you on Twitter by the way ;)