March 19, 2013

Ghost At O2 Academy, Sheffield 18/03/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

According to this very prompt report on, yesterday' s ritual included the following songs:

01. Infestissumam
02. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
03. Con Clavi Con Dio
04. Prime Mover
05. Elizabeth
06. Secular Haze
07. Stand by Him
08. Death Knell
09. Satan Prayer
10. Genesis
11. Year Zero
12. Ritual

Monstrance Clock

We will keep our eyes open and our familiars alerted to spot any other details about the show in Sheffield as soon as they begin to appear, in the meanwhile, do not die from curiosity because we still have to improve on the spell that brings back the dead...


We just spotted a few pictures, unfortunately watermarked, but, whatever! They are the first we see from this gig so here they are, from Getty Images :

A well written review of the gig on: Flush the Fashion magazine .

Thanks to our fellow devotee Crippe von Fraucht who recommended this video to us:
have a listen to "Infestissumam" and "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" live in Sheffield yesterday night !

....Absolutely rocking tune! Once again we are amazed at Ghost' s talent.

Then here we have, of course, "Ritual" :

...and "Stand By Him"

And again "Ritual" from a closer viewpoint

A brief video right from the photo pit :

Weave us a mist, fog weaver...

Thanks to Austin for recommending this video in the comments below, very close view from the front row of
"Infestissumam + Per Aspera Ad Inferi":



  1. So wait a second, You have this tirade on your facebook. About "leaked" songs being posted, And how thats "stealing" Yet you have no problem posting pictues of getty images (a website where your allowed to pay for photos)

    You sir, Are a hypocrite.

    1. We are not very sure that we understood what you meant with your message, because it is very unclear in certain points, but anyway...just to set things straight, these are two totally different contexts, and most important, we did not steal anything from getty Images, we left the watermark, as you can see. On Getty Images you have to pay if you want to use the images *without* the watermark: in fact these are the pictures that Getty Images itself allows to download (click on the pictures and you will be redirected to their site, and you will see the download link is there). Hope this is more clear now.

  2. CrusherDestroyer19 March 2013 at 15:57

    I think it was already pretty clear, everyone knows how this works. Or,almost everyone. But can we talk about Ghost now? "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" so far is the song on "Infestissumam" that most recalls the first album's sound, in my opinion...

    1. Actually we thought the same thing when we heard it here in the Coven, it has more of a heavier groove then the other new songs released so far, also, the live environment surely adds to that.

  3. Here's Infestissumam and Per Aspera from the Sheffield show!

    1. Thank you, we have added it in the post above ;)