March 02, 2013

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Melbourne 01/03/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we hope that all of you who were at Soundwave festival in Melbourne yesterday enjoyed your ritual and we hope to see very soon some videos and photos from the show because you know, we never get tired of seeing and hearing our devilish Ghouls in action!

At the moment, this is the first video we have found (thanks to smahpah for uploading this so promptly), it is a bit blurry and messy, but the audio isn't that bad and it also kind of... makes you feel part of the crowd!

The setlist, according to what reported on, was the same as in Sydney:

[Intro - Masked Ball]
1.Con Clavi Con Dio
3.Prime Mover
4.Death Knell
5.Secular Haze

We will update this post as new videos, photos or anything else appear and if any of you wants to share something with us and with all the other devotees who read The Coven, leave us a comment or send us an email - it does count as your daily evil deed to earn your way to Hell!


Another video of "Con Clavi Con Dio" and "Elizabeth" has been uploaded (thanks to Michael Doidge):

Sounding marvellous as usual, eh? ;)

...And from the same uploader, "Prime Mover" (partial, but still enjoyable!)...

...and "Ritual"

Another video of "Ritual" from a different viewpoint (thanks to smahpah) :

[Last update: March 3rd, 16:15 p.m. CET]

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