March 05, 2013

Ghost At Soundwave Festival - Perth 04/03/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we have found a couple of videos from the last ritual in Perth: please note that the sound is quite messy, but the image quality is very good and there are also some close-ups so, we take what we can get! Thanks to Chris S for uploading these!

"Secular Haze"



Another video of "Secular Haze" has been uploaded, thanks to pokcay (even though something weird happens towards the end where the video stops but the sound goes on...must be some demon playing tricks?...)

Also, from the same uploader, here we have "Stand By Him"

...and "Ritual"


Here's a pretty good video of "Con Clavi Con Dio" + "Elizabeth", thanks to Drew Blake:

[Last update: March 7th, 01:15 a.m. CET]

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