March 15, 2013

Hell Satan, welcome "Year Zero/oreZ raeY" 10" vinyl!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

our familiars have just reported to us  that the site is selling a 10" transparent green vinyl version of "Year Zero" ! (Note: the link has expired now because it has sold out). Apparently it will be released on April 24th, and from the link above you can pre-order your copy right now. Needless to say, we have already bought ours, the release is a limited edition of 1500 copies, so we took no risks and we suggest you to do the same if you do not want to miss this doomsday-ish treat! 

- Some facts about the cover artwork -
The great covert artwork for "Year Zero / oreZ raeY" is based on an illustration by John Martin for "Paradise Lost" and it was made by artist Mattia Frisk - on his Facebook page you can see more of his  great works: M.Frisk - Death and destruction illustrated.


  1. I'm in Uk but I cant find the Green vinyl from your link or on the site, has it sold out already? Ordered the Scandinavian only Infestissumum though \m/

    1. Hello, yes, the vinyl has already sold out, we are sorry that you missed yours!
      It seems this site is still selling it: , but we are not sure if they actually still have some.

    2. You can also try here: