March 09, 2013

Phil Anselmo and other metal musicians share their thoughts on Ghost

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

in a new article published today, Artist Direct's editor in chief has asked  various artists from the metal scene to share their thoughts on our venerated Ghouls and on their upcoming album "Infestissumam".

Phil Anselmo wearing Ghost' s
"Procession" t-shirt on stage
Of course, most of us probably remember that Phil Anselmo has previously been seen wearing a Ghost t-shirt while performing with Down, and some of our Nameless Ghouls even joined them on stage, so we already knew we could count him among the band's famous supporters.   Speaking of their live performances, he told Artist Direct  : "I was pleasantly surprised when we played the Download festival a couple of years ago together and we finally met. We got a chance to see the set live. I've got to say, it was very surreal. They're very delicate on stage. They're not a brutal, all-over-the-place type of band. Everything they do—even the vocals—is very delicate, careful, and well put together."
(We never thought we would hear the word "delicate" coming from Phil Anselmo, but you know, all kind of things happen when you're talking about Ghost, huh? ).
Down frontman  had already spoken of his own expectations about "Infestissumam" also in issue #100 of Decibel magazine, where he stated : "I'd like to see them get more evil and really go for it with the minor-key darkness. But I know the choruses are going to be huge."  (Right on, everything about Ghost is always huge...) .

All the other artists have expressed enthusiastic responses as well: Travis Staver (Coheed And Cambria) remembers being told about Ghost by Metal Blade's  founder/CEO Brian Slagel and actually went and checked them out live when they toured the U.S.A. along with Mastodon and Opeth; Jonathan Davis (Korn) seems to enjoy especially their satanic  side ("They've got that fucking Satanic pope [Laughs]. That shit is cool! I love all that Satanic shit"),  while Ville Valo (HIM) has a liking for Ghost '70s vibe.

To read the the full article and  all the other musicians' opinions, move your astral body to the Artist Direct website.

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