March 08, 2013

Some of our favourite Ghost quotes

A collection of serious and not-so-serious quotes by The Nameless Ghouls of Ghost, handpicked  from various interviews.

"Regardless of your religious beliefs, we like to trigger the imagination of the listener so they can become a devout burner in Hell or a keen participant of devil worship for at least an hour or two. That's the GHOST experience."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Decibel Magazine #100

"Don't underestimate the power of financial and sexual satisfaction. Anyone who tells you differently has never dined sophisticatedly, with a determinate woman beneath his cloak."

Papa Emeritus II, interview on Decibel Magazine #100

"We realized that we needed to leave stuff up to the imagination. We want to leave things to the listeners and fantasy. We want people to think, feel something, let go. A lot of bands feel like they need to be ‘real’ and be one of the guys. We’re quite the opposite."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on

"Q.:So how do you chat up the ladies/men/altar boys when you’re not recognised?
- We just have to rely on our ‘girth’; our charm and our girth…"

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Metal As Fuck

"A lot of people automatically assume that our main influences are Witchfinder General and Pentagram...and we have a liking for band like that, obviously they have some sort of influence on us personally. But the idea, or this whole concept was probably more influenced by The Doors."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on  Noisey

"Hard rock is about who has the biggest dick and pop music is about who's got the smallest. I guess we're pretty average. But in order to have a big dick, you have to have it mentally..."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on KillerBunny Tv

"There are certain bands that are very commonly mentioned because we sound exactly like them, which I think is, in one way, flattering. Of course we’re fans of Mercyful Fate; of course we’re fans of Blue Oyster Cult, however I think the field of influences is way wider than that; especially in the beginning when we were automatically put in the ‘doom’ category - now just because of our steps forward they choose not to call us ‘doom’ anymore just because doom is not supposed to be commercial.”

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Metal As Fuck

"We are a very theatrical band, which means that we offer a similar experience as the movies, or going to a film. [...] We want every song to be an act in a grand scheme. So we want the show begin before our show even begins, and we want to end slightly later, after we’ve gone offstage. We want nothing to be out of character."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on The A.V. Club

"Do we believe in Satan? The only thing that really matters is that he believes in us."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Noisey

"As much as we like making music, recording and putting out albums it is in a live environment where we really excel. Performing live is our main goal. That’s what we do and what we enjoy.Recording an album takes its fair share of time, but once you’re done recording, you’re done. The songs get to thrive longer through the live shows, and they are lot more vivid in a live environment. And that’s pretty surprising for a band that’s DEAD!"

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on  Lithium Magazine

"We cause reactions, we make people upset for some reason.  Either because they think that we’re over-rated, or that we’re pre-meditated.  Yes, we are, we spent two years making it perfect!  Pretentious?  Yes, yes!  We are extremely pretentious!  Over-rated?  Well, maybe. [laughs]  But it’s still causing a reaction, and that what rock and roll is about. "

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on The Phoenix

"The Devil and the imagery, the whole sort of inverted liturgy, appeals to the young--not in terms of young, being young, with age but the youngest part of you, it tickles that nerve--and I think what we're doing proves that a little bit."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Westword

"Q.: What does Ghost ultimately require from their audience?
- Attendance."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Lithium Magazine

"[...]All the lyrics deal with how mankind relates to a presence of the Devil, and the anti-christ, basically the pollution of a devilish presence. Historically that has taken several forms, that has been obviously in the shape of a goat, witches, and all that but generally it's actually about female form and sex. That's usually the thing that is most likely to be deemed as something satanic and that has a diabolical effect on males, predominantly. So basically it's a record filled from wall to wall with smut."

A Nameless Ghoul about "Infestissumam", interview @ Jägermeister Music Tour

"It's a song about fucking, come on!"

Papa Emeritus II explains "Monstrance Clock" to the crowd

"Whatever you put in your mouth will come out later. As does the body of Christ."

A Nameless Ghoul about "Body and Blood", interview w/ Phil Anselmo on Revolver Mag

"[...] Finding its recipients through channeling music to the crowd, the crowd usually gives something back. In turn, that triggers the artist to go in a certain direction. [...] It's the same thing with a four-year-old. It starts off with one applause, then that child asks for more. He'll say more obnoxious things because it makes people laugh or clap. It all ends with claps."

A Nameless Ghoul talks about the mutualistic relationship between an entertainer and his crowd on PureVolume, April '13

"Listening to Ghost is supposed to sound like you've just been handed that record from 1975-76, and someone tells you that 'this was the best horror rock band of the 1970s...Can't believe you haven't heard this!' and you just put that on...and hear Ghost."

A Nameless Ghoul, interview on Exclaim! Magazine, May 2013

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