March 22, 2013

Time to indulge in some greed for merchandise

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

ask yourself this: does (almost) all your money end up in some place where Ghost - related items are being sold? No?! Very bad! It should. You know, ministries need money to operate and at least, here we have in return something more concrete than just promises, e.g. some unholy merchandise: have a look at some of the tempting items that have been added in the official european store .

"Infestissumam" T-Shirt
(Men, All sizes)

"Secular Haze" T-Shirt
(Men, All sizes)

"Road To Rome" Hoodie
(Men, All sizes)

Rosary Beads

There is enough to trigger our merchandise craving. (One of us wanted so badly the "Secular Haze" t-shirt, but unfortunately it is only men sizes - and we are tiny witches so not even the men' s small size would vaguely fit. Gah!) Anyway, we will wait (and hope) for something in women sizes as well and in the meantime we are sure that many other devotees will look extremely sinful wearing the new apparel.

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