March 24, 2013

Video interview with A Nameless Ghoul in Bournemouth

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

"We are not here to go backwards.
Speak backwards, maybe.But not walk backwards."

A Nameless Ghoul 
a new video interview has been published on the Jägermeister UK Youtube channel, where we can hear A Nameless Ghoul (unmasked voice, by the way) talking about Ghost' s concept, reactions to the band' s growing success, playing festivals with acts who do not sound similar and other interesting topics.
Speaking of the central theme of the new album "Infestissumam" , this intriguing anticipation clearly does not disappoint our expectations:
"[...]All the lyrics deal with how mankind relates to a presence of the Devil, and the anti-christ, basically the pollution of a devilish presence. Historically that has taken several forms, that has been obviously in the shape of a goat, witches, and all that but generally it's actually about female form and sex. That's usually the thing that is most likely to be deemed as something satanic and that has a diabolical effect on males, predominantly. So basically it's a record filled from wall to wall with smut."  {-> And went straight to our favourite quotes, obviously}.
 Here is the entire interview, let's turn off the lights, light up our candles and enjoy:

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