March 13, 2013

Vote for Papa Emeritus II and listen to "Year Zero"!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we just got back in the Coven from our daily round and found out glorious news from The Clergy:

Papa Emeritus II is calling all of us devotees to partecipate in the Conclave and cast our vote from this site

The magnificent reward for our loyalty is the chance to listen to a new track from "Infestissumam": "Year Zero"!

Obviously, we have already done our duty and our ears have received, and hell-comed with great satisfaction, this blasphemous piece of art that we so long have craved.

We are hitting play over and over again, immersed in a hyperstimulated state of mind as we let the music take over completely. And this is NOT a hyperbole! We have loved it at the first listen. This is what happens everytime with a Ghost song, it's their spell, and we can not resist (not that we wanted to, anyway).

YEAR ZERO. What a sinful listening. What a tempting gift. With that diabolical, horror vibe that we adore. With that triumphant climax at the end. With that enchanting, serpentine voice that penetrates your soul. The relentless drumming that drags you more into it with each beat. Oh well, we could go on and on, the words are not an appropriate tool to describe the feeling, let's press play one more time.

Also, pay attention to the amazing image that stands in the background:

We darkened it a little to take a better look...

....Stunning, is it not?

We are now going outside to harvest the most delicious and hallucinogenic herbs we can find, then we will light black candles and jasmine incense, and we will celebrate all night listening to "Year Zero".

Hail Satan!

 P.s. We are aware that the track is already on Youtube, but we are not going to share it here now, first you should go and vote for our almighty Papa Emeritus II, and there, you can listen to the song. ;)
{A brief update - during our celebrations, one of us fell into a trance-like state and witnessed a vision of Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls taking over the world with their music. Considering how great "Year Zero" sounds, we think it is very likely to happen. }


  1. I got some mandragora before coming home, before knowing about this! It is a sign. My black candles are always ready. Great photo.

    1. Definitely a sign! Glad you are joining us in celebrating ;)