April 06, 2013


Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

Detail from one of the artworks on the
"Infestissumam" booklet.
Universal Music Sweden has just shared this video where we can get a closer look at the booklet included in the swedish edition of the "Infestissumam"  vinyl: but we really can not keep calling it just "a booklet" now that we have seen what it looks like, this is a masterpiece, no less. Watch it at your own risk, because once you see it, waiting for the release date will become even more difficult...

This edition is available for pre-orders from HERE or HERE .

Hell...How are we supposed to be able think about anything else now, until april 10th finally arrives?

Also, from the picture of the poster included in the Deluxe edition of "Infestissumam" (U.S. and Canada edition), we can read the lyrics of the title track:


  1. I ordered the Nordic CD package a while back. This totally makes me want the vinyl too.

    1. Just so you know, the scandinavian CD booklet should come with the same artwork ;) But yes, the vinyl...stirs up a bit of fetishism.

  2. I also ordered the Nordic version, signed copie and t shirt. Could not wait 'till Tuesday so I Just downloaded Infestissumam!
    All killer, no filler!
    Beyond expectations.

  3. Ghost - keeping the world's postal services in business since 2010 :) Andy