April 10, 2013

Come Together As One : We Have Message Boards!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

to celebrate the birth of the new album "Infestissumam" today we are having the


We never thought this site would have grown this fast but here we are and we can only be happy that so many people have shown appreciation and have been willing to share their passion for Ghost with us, so it was right about time to have a proper place for our discussions.
We invite you all to join us in the boards to talk about Ghost, their music and art, sharing our experiences and comments. See you there!
P.s.A brief technical note: if you experience any issues connecting to the site, please let us know writing an email to: thenamelesswitch@gmail.com - during the first months we still have to evaluate the actual resource usage so we might need to do some adjustment with our hosting plan - we hope not, but if that happens, please be patient, listen to some Ghost songs, and check back later, thank you!

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