April 12, 2013

Comment on "Jigolo Har Megiddo" and Interview with A Nameless Ghoul

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a new video comment has been unveiled today, this time the Nameless Ghouls talk about "Jigolo Har Megiddo":

So we have this mountain in Israel, the biblical Armageddon battle and...the sort of guys who are worshiped by girls despite the fact they are treating them "like shit" .( We guess that happens because it's really all in the attitude, right?) One of them also talked to ArtistDirect in this interview, about the new album, the controversy in the U.S. around the artwork (apparently "The problem was a vagina in the art not the inverted crosses"), and commented on some other tracks.

Something very interesting about "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" : "[...] The underlying meaning of the song is about nostalgia and longing and the whole concept of putting someone or something on a pedestal. Musically, I think that song is one of the most important ingredients on the record, without saying, "It's the best song". I think it's an important ingredient for the album and for us. It serves as a song that opens us up for future dares, so to speak. " ("Future dares" sounds extremely intriguing, doesn't it?)

Know your monks. A Nameless Ghoul
recommends this movie, and we do too

The when asked about a movie "Infestissumam" could be compared to, the Ghoul mentioned "The Name Of The Rose", that we have obviously seen and that is indeed very fitting. We also learn that Ghost consider themselves "in the baby steps of becoming that band we want to become"...well, then we hope to see them growing exactly how they want to, it is all well deserved.  To read the whole interview, move your astral body to the ArtistDirect website.


  1. Best band ever. I dont even believe in the satan or jesus or any religion but this album and the one before are masterpieces

  2. They truly are, you are right! As for religion, their lyrics are,actually, more towards the atheistic view. As Ghost said:"What we're singing about is oppression and the small man's relationship to God and Satan—the superstition and feeblemindedness. We're trying to paint a picture of the very futile attempt of mankind to understand what actually is divine." You can read more about this subject here: http://inthecoven.blogspot.com/p/responsa-frequently-asked-questions.html#satanism ;)

  3. deficimus clamorem13 July 2013 at 16:30

    But what does ghuleh mean?

  4. On this page you can find the audio commentary for each track: http://inthecoven.blogspot.com/2013/04/infestissumam-full-album-and-commentary.html and in this interview the Nameless Ghoul talks a bit more about what "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" symbolizes: http://loudwire.com/nameless-ghoul-ghost-b-c-infestissumam-the-devil-more/ ;)

  5. deficimus clamorem13 July 2013 at 22:06

    But the word ghuleh itself, what does it mean

  6. It is the female word for "Ghoul" ;)

  7. deficimus clamorem14 July 2013 at 13:46

    Wow, epiphany!

    So it really is that literally...thought it was an allegory.

    Thank you so much, you have been more valuable and helpful than google,
    which is extremely helpful!

    1. Hah, Google brought me here to answer the same question.

      New to Ghost. Loving them so far...

  8. Exactly, like most of their songs, it can be interpreted literally and also allegorically, in this case about nostalgia. ;) Glad we helped! We might be adding this to our FAQs as well, since many others have wondered about that too.

  9. When asked what is "Ghuleh", a Ghoul replied "She is the romanticized idea of either a being or a time being lost. It is about nostalgia. The absence of time or a person or a being or something has a tendency to fog up the idea of what the actual nature of that thing or person is."[

  10. Exactly,we have a FAQ about that: http://inthecoven.blogspot.com/p/responsa-frequently-asked-questions.html#ghuleh

  11. which nameless ghoul was talking?

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