April 03, 2013

"Depth Of Satan' s Eyes" - a comment by A Nameless Ghoul

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a particularly observant supporter of the Coven (thanks Branislav! ) has told us about this video he found on Youtube: it is a comment by two of the Nameless Ghouls on the track "Depth Of Satan's Eyes", and it gives us a hint about the song meaning. It definitely sounds like it will be, once again, another very appropriate metaphore Ghost have found to talk about humans, in their very own satanic terms. (Yes they are so great at making music and also profound so what can we do other than worshipping them...)

But let us hear this brief comment about "The Depth Of Satan' s Eyes" directly from them:


  1. Hello Coven, you as always uncovering interesting stuff... the lack of sense of purpose makes a person...most? mmm I'll preorder it this week, if I am lucky.

    1. I think he said "Lost", Not sure though.

    2. Yes, he says "lost" ;) And that is very true, actually!