April 10, 2013

Full album streaming on Pitchfork - time of damnation has come...

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

for those of you who wish to hear "Infestissumam" in advance, the entire album is now streaming on Pitchfork  HERE.

Yes yes, apparently Ghost have chosen to make it difficult for the ones who want to wait for the physical copy to arrive...here in the Coven we really did not want to go for the eiaculatio praecox as we said just the other day, but now with this legit streaming....one of us was too tempted and had to listen. The other witch is still waiting for her copy of the album! She said she can not waste it all this way, and I understand her. But I could not wait anymore when I saw that the official Ghost page itself shared a legal link to listen to the album!
So here I am...the time for damnation has come for me, and I have listened to the Ghost rock opera in his entire unholiness. It's not that I had any doubts anyway that it was going to be an awesome album, but this is just...beyond any and all expectations. Ghost themselves are beyond everything actually, beyond genres, beyond scenes, just beyond. They are THE beyond ("E tu vivrai nel terrore!" , let me just add.)
One can not simply comment on their songs, the strength they have, in their consistence, is splendid and dark at the same time,  simple but inscrutable, it drags you into another dimension, and for the love of Satan!, I really would choose to never get away from there anymore. And that is actually where I am going now because I am going to re-listen another time. Further comments on each song will come later but just like with "Opus Eponymous", I for sure will never be able to pick a favourite one, they all are. I can say that "Infestissumam" has no down moments for me, it is flawless, exactly how Ghost always are. It oozes with smutty perfection. It makes you feel just like the child on the cover artwork, newborn, fresh, cuddled in the arms of the Dark Lord. I hit play, I'll see you beyond fellow devotees!


  1. the quality on pitchfork is quite bad, as expected. For those who do listen and have yet to buy, do not be fooled. The quality will be a million times better.

    1. I hope my copy actually arrives tomorrow so that I can enjoy it all...come on come on come on