April 23, 2013

Ghost At Coachella festival, weekend 2 - 21/04/2013

Sun, sun, sun here it comes. Time for some action in the daylight!
Here are some videos from Ghost's live ritual at Coachella festival on Sunday April 21st:

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

"Prime Mover"


"Stand By Him"

"Year Zero"



  1. When Papa goofs around too much it slightly undermines the whole spectacle imo. I prefer it when he's more subtly humerous.
    They shouldn't let the "ritual" slip too much imo.

    1. I have to say that personally, not speaking for the whole Coven, I agree with you. ;)

  2. What was Alexi from Bodom doing there? He's standing to the right of the stage in a Immortal shirt. I also seen him in the tent while Ghost was signing. Perhaps there are members of Bodom in Ghost.