April 30, 2013

Ghost At Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 29/04/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
 the Haze Over North America tour continues and we can follow a bit of it through the videos uploaded on Youtube. Looks like it has been another glorious performance yesterday in Vancouver!

"Year Zero"


"Monstrance Clock"

Also, this one is partial, but still enjoyable:
"Con Clavi Con Dio" (partial)


  1. Aren't there more videos of this live show? I'm sure I saw a link on their facebook page showing the whole gig, but it's since disappeared (!??)

    1. Ghost usually don't share live videos on their page so we doubt it was on theirs, maybe a fan page? Anyway, as far as we know, there are only a few other videos from this show but the quality is rather low and/or are the same songs already included here...we will keep an eye out for anything else worth to be added!