April 04, 2013

Interview (in swedish) on GAFFA

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we have just been told (thank you Crippe!) that the free magazine GAFFA features  an interview with Ghost on the current issue: you can find it HERE on pages 34-35. (It is in swedish, so at the moment we have no clue of what it says, it is for all of you who understand it - and if anyone would like to volounteer for a quick summary of what they said...that would be much appreciated!).

Updates: Alright here we are with a little summary of the interview after some help from friends and our encounter with Google translator ;)
So, the interview is with the Nameless Ghoul guitarist and the title translates into something like:
"Provocative playful seriousness"

About Ghost : Consist of both playfulness and seriousness, clarity and ambiguity, and were conceived to be diffused. Speaking of the comparison to King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, being Ghost' s music very rooted in the '60s - '70s , they are most likely to have similarities because they have the same influences. When asked if the band became popular for the music or for the masks, the Ghoul said that if the music was not worthy of attention, the masks alone couldn't have saved the whole thing.

About the mystique: initially the idea was to avoid any interviews and just let the show and their skills speak for themselves, then considering what they do they thought it would be better to explain things a little bit more for the people. They prefer not be part of any "scene" or "trend". The shows are meant to be as a sort of mass psychosis and that is why it is weird for them to occasionally play just one single song (like they did at the P3 Guld in Sweden) because the whole performance is meant to be as a big theatrical act and also the character of Papa Emeritus (I or II) is to be seen just like that, a character who doesn't exist in reality, but only in the Ghost context, something they tried to make even more evident when they decided to "replace" Papa Emeritus I with Emeritus II.

The idea was to make only three albums and they know that bands do not last forever, but they think they still have a lot to offer.

"Infestissumam" can be seen as a rock opera and the advice is to listen to it from start to end for a better experience. They think compared to the first album it has highest peaks and deepest valley and overall they did not want to just emulate the success gained with "Opus Eponymous" but innovate things and make a sequel that feels as "bolder". They felt it was important that the new album would be confrontational, and traditionally 'confrontational' in rock history is seen as something hard and aggressive, but they are from a place where the soft is really provoking and challenging. They aim at giving the sort of feeling like "you should have been there", like for timeless classic records. {They are certainly getting there if not already are, we would say ;)}

As for the name change: they had to do that due to the U.S. trademark law, otherwise someone with the same name could have jumped at the chance to get some money out of the fact that Ghost were playing in the country using the same name, especially now that they are getting more famous. [By the way, here you can read more about the U.S.A trademark law and there are some examples of other bands that had to change name...looks like this is more common than we thought.]

Anyway, as the Nameless Ghoul said, they have "much more elements in the band's DNA then just the name."
(At least this is what Google translator told us he said...)


  1. Perhaps using a translation tool (easily Googled) might work?

    1. Indeed one can get some sense out of the automatic translation as well, and that is what we are going to do later actually ;) But since when we wrote we had just become aware of the interview and we were going to log off for a while, we thought to ask if some swedish devotee was willing to help in the meanwhile. But thanks for the hint!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to translate, translation doesn't work on mobile phone and I don't use the pc often. So three albums is the plan. I think when infestissumam hits the world, that plan will go out of the window. The BC part - I think we are getting used to it now, feels a little less alien. Andy.

    1. Actually the plan for three albums is particularly fascinating - giving the subject they sing about - but we also hope that we will have some more...;)