April 17, 2013


On this post we are collecting all the Ghost interviews conducted around the time of the "Infestissumam" release.

Interview on Colorado Spring Indipendent: A Nameless Ghoul answers a few questions and talks about how the new album has been embraced by the "metal community", the black metal back in the 90s, working with Dave Grohl and also some other various topics, the interviewer even came up with a question about the environment:
Indy: And finally, I saw a video online where an interviewer asked when the apocalypse was coming, and you — well, one of you — said that it was already ongoing, and seemed to allude to the environment. Are you guys concerned about that? 

Nameless Ghoul: " I think that any person in the world that doesn't at least give the environment some sort of thought doesn't deserve to live in it. I wouldn't say that we have an environmental agenda, but we do sing about mankind, and we're mirror-reflecting the human mind and the human psyche and how people treat each other. And one of the most obvious ways of seeing mankind's failing in general is to just open up your window and smell it. I mean, there you have the apocalypse, that's the end of the world."

About the collaboration with Grohl we read he has played drums on the Depeche Mode cover too (featured on the upcoming Japanese edition of "Infestissumam"):
"Indy: Did he [Dave Grohl] engineer the sessions?
Nameless Ghoul: He was more of a producer. And he played drums on a few songs.
Indy: Which ones?
Nameless Ghoul: He played drums on [the ABBA cover] "Marionette" and "Waiting for the Night," a Depeche Mode cover we did. And he played a little bit of guitar and other things on a few of the other songs we recorded. So it was very much a playful thing where we came in with the material, rehearsed a little bit, and just recorded. "

HERE you can read the whole interview.

Another recent  interview can be found on MSN Entertainement April 17th).

(Questions are almost the same throughout most of the interviews conducted in these days, so we will collect them in this post unless it is something new and/or different from the usual topics.)

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