April 30, 2013

Some interesting revelations in this interview on the Quietus

Among all the new interviews that have been conducted recently (if you missed any of those, you can find them all HERE ), today we have this one on the Quietus which deserved a bit of spotlight, since it reveals a few new info and details we had not read in any other interview before.

These parts especially caught our attention:

"the Quietus: We mentioned it briefly that Papa I has been replaced by Papa II – what’s the story there, was it just time for Papa I to be getting his bus pass?

Nameless Ghoul: Yeah, his golden clock – and off he went! But yeah, actually, that was more or less it – we have a succession thing going and his time was up. A new era has begun, so enter a new Pope. And yes, that will happen again. "


Speaking of cover songs:

"Nameless Ghoul: Now, as we’ve recorded a bunch of songs that are covers – and there are even more songs that will be out in the future – we have sort of found a modus operandi for working with that type of material and a few of the prerequisites we like. I’m not saying these are guidelines to be followed strictly to the letter, but first of all it has to be a great song that allows us to find another way to create, one way or another, an amendment or enhancement – which does not necessarily make it better, but it has to have some sort of its own identity. I mean, hearing another punk band do ‘Sonic Seducer’ in a rocky, distorted way, or ‘Search And Destroy’, it will just sound like another version of that song, so we’re really trying to add another identity to the song as if it were one of ours to begin with. And obviously it has to have a lyrical theme that would somehow fit into what Papa is. I’ll give you an example of a song that nobody has heard us do yet, and you won’t hear us do for a while: do you remember the band Army Of Lovers? Do you remember a song called ‘Crucified’? If not, after we’re done, Google it; we’ve done a cover of that."

So, more covers to come, and a new Pope in the future. Lots of surprises still in store for us, fellow devotees, we can definitely say that with Ghost, you never get bored!

The interview is quite detailed and interesting overall, to read it entirely, move your astral body to the Quietus site.

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