April 17, 2013

Into The Endless Depth Of Satan's Eyes

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

thank Satan (and thanks to the uploader of this video) we can watch something very special today : "Depth Of Satan's Eyes" played live for the first time ever. For this one we really needed a dedicated post, it couldn't be otherwise. In the Coven this has been one of the songs from "Infestissumam" that we have listened to the most and we so hoped it would have been in the setlist, and here it is. The live version is...well, you will hear!  It surely deserves all our appreciation, and more! Powerful song, amazing performance.But be aware. When you hear the chorus in this live version, you will suddenly feel the urge to pack and take the first flight to wherever the next Ghost's show will be. Don't say we did not warn you .

 Alright, the video starts, lights off, all we need now is The Burning Light Of Satan's Rays. 

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