April 24, 2013

"La Mantra Mori" : figuring out lyrics together

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

in these days, we have been receiving several emails and messages asking for the lyrics of the bonus track "La Mantra Mori" , since they are not featured anywhere officially, so far. We hear you, and we are mesmerized by this song as much as you all are!, but unfortunately, we do not have any lyrics we can be sure of: however, some of us are trying to figure them out in this topic of our message boards, so if you feel like adding your contribution, or if you are interested in keeping up with any updates we have on this song, we suggest you to follow that thread. We can not know if Ghost will ever "hear our desperate call" and reveal the actual lyrics somewhere, but in the meanwhile, it is up to us!

Updates: here are the lyrics ! "La Mantra Mori" lyrics .

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