April 14, 2013

Lately we have been getting some auspicia ex caelo...

It was already dark the other night and while one of us was driving to work a storm could be seen breaking in the distance. "Year Zero" was playing on the stereo, and in the exact moment the song goes "HELL SATAN!" a huge lightning broke the sky. That was pretty impressive. Then, tonight, we just spotted this inspiring sight....

And today Ghost start their U.S. tour, so we dedicate this Moon to them as an auspice of good fortune and to all of you devotees who will have the pleasure of attending one of their rituals soon. Enjoy every bit of it, both sides!


  1. I'll be at tomorrow night's ritual at the El Rey. I hope to have some decent pictures to share as well.

    = Mikey

    1. Always very appreciated of course ;) have a highly blasphemous night!