April 08, 2013

Only two more days...(no spoilers, please!)

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

just a couple of nightly thoughts from a witch...
Listening for the first time to the new album from your very favourite band is a bit like having sex with someone you have never had sex with before; so listening to the leaked album would make it equivalent to an eiaculatio praecox: quite unsatisfactory for both sides. That is not how our first time with "Infestissumam" is going to be - that, and the respect we have for Ghost's art, are the reasons we are asking you not to send us or post on the Coven any links to the leaked album - we have been waiting for it since december and there ain't no way we are going to spoil everything now. We want to hold it, unwrap it, smell it, and enjoy every single moment of it, not rush and phagocytize it  when it is not time yet. That is just not the way we live the music, and surely not the way we want to live Ghost' s music, which means so much to us. In these months, a lot of things have happened along the way, we founded the Coven, we "met" online so many other people who are truly devoted, and with them we share and boost each other' s passion every day, fed by some tasty appetizers we have received from Ghost or other official sources. So we have been living, literally, in a crescendo and now, we are almost there, only two days to go. Whatever the album will sound like, it has already given a lot to us, in terms of feelings, the whole fervor, the expectations, the thrill of chasing little hints here and there but not revealing too much, this has all been so stimulating that we can only thank Ghost for all this, for making us feel excited like kids, like a little Damien at his birthday party...;)

So, for those who will join us and wait for the album to arrive, we are glad to share these moments and in two days we will come together, together as one...


  1. Our congregation sings infernal psalmis.
    The demigods will uncover the infestissumam release...

    We Are One
    Out Of Three

  2. All true converts think this way. We are one. This time is precious, our ears have not heard the sacred second offering yet. We have been blessed with live performances of a few new fuckers as papa said in Glasgow ("do you want to hear a new fucker"). The excitement is high. Andy.