April 11, 2013

"Per Aspera Ad Inferi" - a comment by A Nameless Ghoul

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

another video comment about the meaning of "Infestissumam" lyrics has been revealed today through Metalsucks.net, and this time it talks about "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" . Probably anyone of us who have delt with ambition at some point in their lives, can easily get the sense of the song. Who would resist to the the Devil' s tempting promise that "all your dreams will come true"? Even when it takes selling your soul to him...ambitions can totally be addicitve. This reminds us so much of "The Devil's Advocate", of course. We also think that the marching rhythm of the song definitely represents very well how implacable humans can get when they are moved by fervid ambitions.


  1. shiiiiit :( this video is gone. ive seen it before but wanted to watch again

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