April 08, 2013

Rolling Stone magazine premiere: "Monstrance Clock"

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

"Monstrance Clock" is available for online streaming on Rolling Stone magazine!

(By the way - we definitely do not understand where or how the author of the article has possibly heard any Mastodon or Metallica influence in this - but whatever...) .

You know what we are thinking, right? "It's a song about fucking, come on!" And it also happens to be one of the most charming and awesome songs we have ever heard.


  1. Again, it doesn't work. no link or player appears indicating how to play the song............... Piss poor from someone

  2. I can't hear any Metallica or Mastodon influence either. However, one of the best Ghost songs so far!

  3. My appologies to rolling stone mag and Ghost, it was a google chrome issue, unintalled chrome and reinstalled and now it plays no problems........... Hail Satanas

    1. Great that you managed to make it work, these technical issues will never overcome Satan's wills! ;D