April 09, 2013

New interview with A Nameless Ghoul on SoundsBlog.it

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we just found this new interview that SoundsBlog.it has conducted via telephone with A Nameless Ghoul and among some of the most common questions and subjects, like the name change, the sound of the new album and the growing number of fans, it also contains some very interesting points: speaking of bands Ghost have played with, the Ghoul mentions an analogy with Mastodon, not in terms of how they sound like of course, but regarding their approach to making music, aimed at creating something unique and very distinctive of the band, drawing from a very wide range of influences rather than trying to strictly stick to a scene or a genre (and being big Mastodon fans here, we totally find this comparison very appropriate). Well, we can not hide that this is probably one of our favourite interviews so far because at one point, while talking about Ghost' s upcoming appearance at the Sonisphere festival in June, the Nameless Ghoul says they are probably coming back to Italy this fall or winter for an indoor show and well, we have an italian witch here in the Coven so that is obviously what she has been hoping for and hearing that straight from the Ghoul's voice was ....a mystic moment indeed. Well then, while she is still regaining lucidity (so to speak) after being damned by this unholy revelation, below you can hear the whole interview, enjoy!


  1. I'm sorry, but i just cant listen to people from south america talk english, nothing makes any sense in what the say, Even the ghoul at times was like "wtf"

    1. The interviewer is from Italy, but we realize that an italian accent sounds similar to a hispanic one. Anyway, if you watch the video on Youtube, in the description you can find a brief transcription of the questions. ;)

    2. You're complaining on the interviewer's language skills but you don't even know where Italy is...