April 14, 2013

This sucks so bad : Coachella is NOT streaming Ghost's performance

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

this afternoon some of you will probably be at Coachella festival, attending Ghost' s live ritual in person, and that is very fortunate for you, but what about all of us who can't be there? Well, we were just as happy as a true devotee can be when we heard that Coachella will be streaming live performances from the festival on their Youtube channel. We were already checking time zones, arranging our plans and everything, to make sure not to miss the streaming. Then, we went on Coachella's page to see which of their three channels was the right one to follow, and embed the code on here, to watch it with all of you together as one, and what do we see? THAT LOUSY SCHEDULE DOES NOT INCLUDE GHOST! Seriously, that is one of the most unfair thing ever. No no, just NO. All the witches of the Coven are extremely upset and will be casting curses the whole night  for this. This is such a huge disappointing failure!Hell. What can we do. We will probably rewatch "Rosemary's Baby" once again and try not to think of how pointless it can be for a channel to broadcast a live streaming but not including Ghost. The best act you will ever get to host on your stages, Coachella! Come on. They deserve special care. Anyway, we will be posting videos, reviews, pictures and what else can be found about the show on our message boards, so if you are attending and want to tell us your experience, we wait for you  there. Have a hot-as-hell ritual you all! 


  1. I was checking in the morning and didn´t see them but thought it was a mistake. I was scheduling my day for watching them live. What a dissapointing detail, this is totally unrespectful with the band and with all the devotees

  2. I wonder if it was at Ghost's request? Because they got a crappy daytime slot and didn't want first time viewers to see them like that?

    1. I wouldn't think so, I guess they would have been glad to be broadcast, also it is a way to reach even more people ;)

  3. Stupid is what stupid does. Bravo Coachella! To hell with you from 12500 km away!

  4. I guess coachells isnt about rock music, they would rather stream some shitty dj killing songs...