May 31, 2013

Tour bundles and "Year Zero" Picture Disc now available

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a Picture Disc version of the "Year Zero" single as well as special bundles  with tickets for the upcoming rituals of this summer in the U.S. are now available for pre-orders (shipping on June 25th, tickets at will-call the night of the event) through MyPlay Direct store.

You can choose among :

“Year Zero” Picture Disc + Tour Litho

Ticket for the ritual + "Infestissumam" Deluxe CD + “Year Zero” Picture Disc + Tour Litho

Ticket for the ritual + “Year Zero” Picture Disc + Tour Litho

Ticket for the ritual + "Infestissumam" Deluxe CD + Tour Litho

Please note that we do not know if this edition of "Year Zero" will replace the 12" vinyl rumored to be released in June and available for pre-orders on Amazon and a few other sites, so we will update that post if we have any additional info on that edition too.

May 29, 2013

Headliner dates in the U.S. this summer!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

as previously reported by some online music webzines, Ghost have added a few headlining shows in late July/early August in the U.S., before their appearance at Lollapalooza festival.

So far, two shows are actually already included on the venues' calendars too, and they are:

July 31st, Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom

August 1st, Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues (feat. Baroness, Royal Thunder)

As reported by, additional dates might be (please note we still can't confirm the following):

July 27th, Hartford, CT – The Webster Theater

July 28th Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Of Williamsburg

 As soon as we have more info about these dates, we will update this post and the "Sabbath" page of the Coven, so if you are interested, check back in the next days for any confirm/denial/additional detail.


All the dates have just been confirmed by Ghost on their official Facebook page, plus one in Baltimore. So, we have:

May 27, 2013

New "Year Zero" vinyl possibly coming in June (please read the updates below: either delayed or cancelled)

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

(Please note we still do not know
if the cover artwork will be the same)
many of us probably remember the crazy hours after the announce of the "Year Zero/oreZ raeY" green vinyl release back in March, limited edition that went sold out in an unbelievably short time (we got our copy here and treasure it like the gem it is, by the way). Apparently another vinyl edition of "Year Zero" will be released on June 4th, through Universal Music Group, and it looks like it is going to be a 12" U.S. pressing: a few sites are selling pre-orders and so far these are all the information we have about this, but we will keep an eye out and update this post with any new detail we become aware of. In the meanwhile, here are some links that appears to be selling pre-orders:

UPDATES: Please note that Amazon has informed customers who pre-ordered this item that the release is being delayed (or cancelled, we are still unsure) and that they can not provide further info about it so orders have been cancelled.

More unholiness for Italy: Meet and Greet with Ghost

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

for those of you who will attend rituals in Italy, NeeCee Agency and Ghost Italia offer the chance to win a Meet and Greet with Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls at one of these dates:

Bologna, June 6th 
Sonisphere festival, Rho (MI) June 8th

All you have to do is send an email to with subject : 'CONCORSO GHOST' and attach a picture that shows your appreciation for the band,  along with your name, surname and what concert you will be attending (please note tickets are not included). The contest closes on June 2nd. Satanas vobiscum!

May 23, 2013

Ghost at Rock on The Range (full performance)

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

while we are waiting for Ghost to be back on tour, would you like to join us watching the entire ritual performed at the Rock on the Range festival? Thanks to youtube user belexes777 who uploaded the show in three parts we can enjoy some Ghoulish action in the daylight!

Part I : Intro ("Masked Ball") - "Infestissumam" - "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" - "Con Clavi Con Dio"

Video Interview with Lithium Magazine

Another video interview has been published today by Lithium Magazine, conducted at the Opera House in Toronto on May 6th. A Nameless Ghoul explains how they planned since the beginning to be anonymous and how this can be complicated from time to time, talks about the recording of the cover songs with Dave Grohl and more about "Infestissumam" and future plans for Ghost, as well as several other general subjects about the concept and the music of the band. Below you can watch the video:

May 22, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul interviewed on FUSE (Video)

A new video interview has been published today by Fuse and we can hear A Nameless Ghoul talking (in unmasked voice by the way) about some of the usual topics like anonymity and the name change (yes they have been asked about this once again), the varied crowd they see at their shows, and less common revelations like things on the bus switch to be very "euro-trashy" after a certain time. A bit like "the Gremlins", the Ghoul said. Shall we try to sprinkle some water on the Nameless Ghouls if we see them? Here is the interview:

May 21, 2013

Memories from the Haze Over North America Tour!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

the Haze Over North America tour is over and we guess (and hope for them) that our Papa and the Ghouls will enjoy some rest before the festival season begins.  Since we can never get enough of their amazing music, for all of us we have picked up some videos to relive together some highlights from this tour, of course, these are only a few moments from a much larger collection of memories, so if you are looking for a specific show, you can find, date by date, all the photos we have found so far in the realm: "Visiones- Live Photos", several other videos in the Coven archive from April and May, as well as more pictures and comments by other devotees who attended the shows in The Chapel of Rituals of our message boards. We will add more in this topic if we stumble upon other remarkable ones. Enjoy!

May 19, 2013

Ghost at St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit 17/05/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

from the ritual in Detroit there is a very nice video of "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" filmed from the front row
(get ready to dance before getting too emotional ...;) ):

...and one of the always kickass "Con Clavi Con Dio"

May 17, 2013

Visiones - Live Photo - Turner Hall, Milwaukee, 15/05/2013

Photos by Loucifer on Flickr

167 161
159 155

Video Interview with A Nameless Ghoul in Montreal

Dear fellow Ghost devotees, has published today a new video interview conducted in Montreal with A Nameless Ghoul and talked with him about keeping anonymity, working with the new label, reactions of the fans and future plans for the band. For all of us well-informed devotees, nothing that we did not already know in this one, but we are pleased to hear that Ghost perceive most of their fans as supportive and we surely are seeing this especially since when we have opened the message boards and had the chance to meet and interact more with many, many other loyal followers who really understand the concept of the band, appreciate their determination and are willing to live it, and keep it, just as grand and amusing as it has been planned. Hopefully both sides will be able to keep on enjoying this amazing experience they are creating, in the best way possible. We will make sure to put a circle of protection spell around Ghost and all of us dedicated devotees. ;)
Below you can watch the video:

May 15, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. 13/05/2013

Photos kindly sent to the Coven by Frederick (thank you!)

Photos kindly posted on the Coven message boards by Jeff (thank you!)

Ghost at 9:30 club, Washington 13/05/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

here are a couple of videos we have found from the ritual in Washington, let us enjoy them together, together as one:

"Monstrance Clock"

Ghost at Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia 12/05/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

here are some other nice videos from the ritual in Philly - including another one of "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen", from the point where things get...more lively ;) Enjoy!

"Ghuleh/Zombie Queen"(second part)

May 13, 2013

"Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" live for the first time

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we know the attendants of the last rituals often have called out for "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" and yesterday in Philadelphia it appears that Papa and the Ghouls decided to kindly please all of you who wanted to hear this song live and played it for the first time! Someone already uploaded a video (thanks Ryan!) of almost the entire song, so we all can now have at least a little taste of how it sounded live: here it is! We will add more videos if they pop up later ;)

Updates: here is the entire song, with a better sound quality!

Visiones - Live Photos - Webster Hall, New York City 11/05/2013 / Part II

There are so many photos from the ritual at the Webster Hall that we needed to split them in two pages. Here is the second part!

Visiones - Live Photos - Webster Hall, New York City 11/05/2013 / Part I

Photos kindly sent to the Coven by Matt (thank you!)

Ghost at Webster Hall, New York City 11/05/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

last Saturday's live ritual at Webster Hall has been entirely filmed from the crowd and then kindly shared on Youtube (thanks Samael Ng!). Let us enjoy this unholy vision together!

Updates: another video of the full ritual is available, shot from the balcony:

Ghost N.Y.C.: The Demons of Sweden in the City That Never Sleeps
Submitted to the Coven fan site on 16 May 2013 by Matt (thank you!)

On 11 May 2013, Ghost, now known as Ghost B.C. in the US for legal reasons, performed at Webster Hall in an especially historic section of Manhattan in New York City. For one night, the nightclub venue was transformed into a place for Ghost devotees to “come together, together as one”, as the lyrics from their song Monstrance Clock would say it.
During the time between the release of their first album Opus Eponymous in January of 2011 and Infestissumam in April of 2013, Ghost’s popularity skyrocketed and the band underwent a number of changes, including the addition of “B.C.” and frontman Papa Emeritus’s transformation from Papa Emeritus to Papa Emeritus II, as he is now known. Impressed by their instantly classic sound, I purchased Opus Eponymous shortly after its release. The band members’ anonymity also captured my attention from the very beginning, leaving me wondering what would soon become of this new and unorthodox band. Clearly, they had begun something that would reach larger proportions. Come 2013, the inevitable restlessness behind the release of their second album and their subsequent tour made me want to see them live even more. My wish came to fruition at last on May 11th.
As I walked in with a dear friend of mine, lights in varying shades of blue greeted the concert-goers, setting the night’s eerie tone. Ides of Gemini, the opening band, followed suit with a dark and gothic sound carried out through a handful of their songs. Before they took the stage, no one whom I been chatting with at the venue had known the band. With no expectations set, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance and found it to be a very appropriate way to begin the night.
Ides Of Gemini

After the lighting of incense sticks and chalices by the band’s crew, Ghost took the stage. The Nameless Ghouls appeared, took their positions, and performed their second album’s title track "Infestissumam". Papa Emeritus II then emerged from the fog and darkness, greeting the crowd with staff in hand, and the crowd responded in cheers. The song moved seamlessly into "Per Aspera ad Inferi" as it does on the album, and I finally heard Papa’s voice live as he began to sing it. I was hooked. From the very beginning, the delivery of their theatric stage presence was unlike anything I’d ever experienced even in a theater setting. I even found myself pointing at the band members in child-like admiration as they appeared.

Throughout the rest of the night, Ghost performed the entirety of their first album and half of their second album, moving effortlessly back and forth between the two. The crowd sang along the whole time and affirmed each performance with very positive reactions. The light show against a church-like background was executed perfectly in terms of following both the rhythm and tone for each song. Although I enjoyed every one, the highlights for me were Elizabeth and Year Zero, my two favorites from the albums. The final song of the night was Monstrance Clock, also the last song on Infestissumam. As the show concluded, the Nameless Ghouls tossed their guitar picks into the crowd, bade farewell, and departed from the stage with Papa.
Papa, as his demonized papal attire would befit, had an authoritative presence throughout the whole night. He was also quite interactive with the crowd, speaking to us between songs and giving his thanks to us extensively, holding out his hands to the fans who were lucky enough to be able to touch them, and even accepting a couple of items made by the fans themselves, at which point the crowd erupted in cheers both times.

Overall, the show was incredible. I encourage all fans of Ghost to see them if they have yet to. The experience is a solid performance coupled with a very unique stage presence that only Ghost could deliver.

May 12, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - Royale, Boston (MA) 10/05/2013

Photos kindly sent to the Coven by our fellow devotee Anchit Bhagat (thank you!)

Ghost at Royale, Boston 10/05/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

 the comments we have been reading by some of you who attended the ritual in Boston speak for themselves and so we understand it has been an amazing evening for all of you! We were not there physically, but we were spiritually. Here are some videos to remember the show.

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"