May 03, 2013

Ghost At Starlite Room, Edmonton 01/05/2013

 Dear fellow Ghost devotees,
here we have basically the whole ritual in Edmonton, so get your favorite drink, get comfortable and let us enjoy this unholy vision toghether!

Part 1 : "Infestissumam" - "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" - "Con Clavi Con Dio" - "Prime Mover"

Part 2 : "Elizabeth" - "Secular Haze" - "Body And Blood"

Part 3 : "Stand By Him " - "Death Knell" - "Satan Prayer"
(nice singing skills, fellow devotees in Edmonton!)

Part 4 : "Genesis" - "Year Zero" - "Ritual"

Part 5 : "Monstrance Clock"


  1. My videos :)

    1. We have enjoyed seeing the ritual through your videos, thank you!

  2. This could be my favourite video so far. So much energy & Excitement.
    Check out Alpha during the break in Prime Mover-Awesome.

    Very well shot too Anonymous; Would love to see it in HD.

  3. Thank you for the compliments on my videos. Unfortunately I don't have them in HD since I am using a camera that is around 7 years old. I had a newer one that was filming in HD and widescreen but the microphone sucked and I brought it back.

    Please check out my YouTube channel for other shows I have filmed. My YouTube name is: evilernie667

    I can also be found on Facebook as: EvilCaseProductions

    All comments (positive and negative) are welcome to improve the work I do.