May 17, 2013

Video Interview with A Nameless Ghoul in Montreal

Dear fellow Ghost devotees, has published today a new video interview conducted in Montreal with A Nameless Ghoul and talked with him about keeping anonymity, working with the new label, reactions of the fans and future plans for the band. For all of us well-informed devotees, nothing that we did not already know in this one, but we are pleased to hear that Ghost perceive most of their fans as supportive and we surely are seeing this especially since when we have opened the message boards and had the chance to meet and interact more with many, many other loyal followers who really understand the concept of the band, appreciate their determination and are willing to live it, and keep it, just as grand and amusing as it has been planned. Hopefully both sides will be able to keep on enjoying this amazing experience they are creating, in the best way possible. We will make sure to put a circle of protection spell around Ghost and all of us dedicated devotees. ;)
Below you can watch the video:

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