June 29, 2013

Graspop Metal Meeting Live Stream

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

on Sunday (tomorrow), June 30th, Ghost will be playing at Graspop Metal Meeting and for all of us who can not make it to Dessel, luckily there is the chance to watch a live stream of some performances from the festival, including Ghost (only partially), on this site:


More info, details and the stream schedule inside the post:

As you can see by the legend symbols on the above image, Ghost' s performance will be only partially streamed, but well, we take what we can get, right? ;)
So, we wish a blasphemous time to all of you who will attend the ritual at Graspop Metal Meeting and for all the rest of us, let us tune in on the Skynet.be site at 18:10 (CEST) to enjoy at least a part of the show through the live stream.

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