July 07, 2013

A Nameless Ghoul interviewed at Hellfest by Riff Mag

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

Riff Mag conducted an interview with one of our Nameless Ghouls at Hellfest and talked with him about how Ghost are living their success, their anonymity, doing cover songs, their musical influences, and asked his opinion about the festival. Among the usual subjects a relevant detail we get to know on this interview is that the Ghoul mentions the possibility of releasing another one of the cover songs by the end of the year, though it appears nothing sure has been settled yet. {In case you missed some previous interviews, Ghost have mentioned that another cover song they have recorded is "Crucified" by Army Of Lovers}.
 Below you can hear the audio of the interview:


  1. Great interview!!! I also enjoy hearing that particular voice of that Ghoul and he likes the classic Star Wars, WIN!!!. Anyway, the news of another cover release for the end of this year... Interesting! :D

  2. The curiosity about "Crucified" is raising tremendously here! ;)