July 29, 2013

Ghost at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn 28/07/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

we are pleased to hear many of you had a great time at the ritual in Brookyln and here are some videos to remember the unholy performance Ghost have delivered with such perfection and awesomeness - as always!

Intro + "Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

"Secular Haze"



"Con Clavi Con Dio" + "Prime Mover" + "Elizabeth"

"Stand By Him"

"Body And Blood"
(an unexpected dancer makes his way to the stage and then is received - but hopefully not consumed and digested ;) - by the crowd for some surfing):

"Year Zero"

Some enthusiastic praise for "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" !

"Monstrance Clock"


"Believe us, if you can make eye contact with Papa Emeritus II, he’ll stare right back for what seems like an eternity — and the experience will literally send a chill throughout your entire terror-shocked body."
"Ghost Haunt Brooklyn Minions With Satanic Ritual Featuring Opening Act Skeletonwitch", on Loudwire

"Ghost ’s onstage presence transcends their now infamous stage persona, truly making them a fully well rounded band and far from a gimmick. “The Nameless Ghouls” band members are a perfect example of this. Each member helps mold a sound reminiscent of everything we love about doom metal and acts like Blue Oyster Cult, but making it their own and highly original."
"Ghost with Skeletonwitch at Music Hall of Williamsburg", on LocalBozo

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