July 05, 2013

Ghost at Plaza club, Zürich (CH) 03/07/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

as you might have noticed from the latest pictures we published of the ritual in Zürich, one of us was attending the show and brought to us also some videos that we are uploading to share with you all the blasphemous and very close view the lucky crowd at Plaza club had on our beloved Ghost, since there was no barrier and devotees were basically gathering right under the stage. That is also why a few arms, and hands, sometimes pop up in the videos!, but well of course we can not, and do not even want, to blame anyone for being so caught up with the show and praising Papa and the Ghouls as hard and loud as possible ;) That is how it is supposed to be, instead. We like supportive crowds and are happy to see some serious worshipping going on at the rituals. Here they are then! (Videos were shot by a kind devotee who was with our witch at the ritual, of course, otherwise she would not have been able to enjoy every bit of Ghost and this can not happen!).
"Prime Mover"


"Body And Blood"


"Year Zero" (support gets loud in this one!)

"Monstrance Clock"
{Papa's voice when he sings the verse "To The Haunting Sound Of The Monstrance Clock..." gives us the chills every time!}

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