July 01, 2013

Interview with a Nameless Ghoul on Radio Classic 21

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

here we have another interview with our Nameless Ghoul, this time from Graspop Metal Meeting on Radio Classic 21, where he has been talking a bit about recording the latest album in Nashville, finding someone for their Satanic choirs on "Infestissumam" (which also gives us the chance to see some of his good impersonating skills in action!), and, finally, we get to hear a hint about something we have been speculating a lot about in our message boards lately: the overall theme of the third album! Find this out watching the whole interview below:


  1. Very funny to hear him imitate the Southern accent. Great insight into the next album too. Can't wait!

  2. Interviews are getting funnier every time! And sounds like the third album is going to be about another very interesting subject ;)

  3. Bilbo's Second Cousin1 July 2013 at 05:15

    I'm in. Certainly enjoyed the show in Seattle. Very erudite ghoul there.

  4. UNHOLY shit, that was the BEST interview ever...I'm RUINING my corpsepaint right now from laughing so hard..and YES! that. was. the. best. imitation. ever
    "why do you wanna fuck around with that for?? why? why?? why???"
    sobbing..oh, I SO wanna interview these Evangelistic idiots for the "inside" scoop
    I'm moving to Nashville.

    Apparently, the scene is still underground there. lol

  5. Wait! I've got it...lets book a double bill in Nashville, with Ghost, and the mighty Watain..*snicker* who's with me?
    Want to see the look on their faces when the "blood cannons" go off...
    "Hey, it's like The Omen, and Carrie, all in one!"