July 18, 2013

Memories from the European Tour!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

while our Papa and His Nameless Ghouls are (hopefully for them) enjoying some well deserved rest in their
cloister before going back on the road to bring their rituals to all the lucky attendants, just as we did for the Haze Over North America Tour, now we would like to relive together some memories   from this latest tour too, through some pictures and videos we have handpicked among all the footage found so far from their European tour. Of course these are just some moments, but you can find videos and pictures from each ritual in the Coven archive from June and July!

Sonisphere festival Spain, Madrid 30/05/2013 - Barcelona 31/05/2013: Ghost start their tour in the Old World from Sonisphere Spain and for the first time here we can admire them in action with the stunning new red backdrop that brings out even more the solemnity of their costumes

Ghost - Sonisphere 2013

Impact fest, Warsaw (PL) 04/06/2013: "Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" (partial) under a cloudy sky: even the Sun decides to hide because it is afraid of being diminished by Ghost 's awesomeness

Zona Roveri, Bologna (IT) 06/06/2013: Ghost rock the place so hard that the crowd is astonished by their heaviness and during the chorus of "Year Zero" you can almost think you are hearing Satan throwing thunders from the depths of Hell .

Orion Live Club, Rome (IT) 07/06/2013: An enthusiastic crowd of devotees hellcomes Ghost in one of the (un)holiest cities and sings directed by Papa a very passionate "Satan Prayer"

Tivoli, Utrecht 11/06/2013: Ghost enchants the crowd in a nice venue that really emphasizes the gorgeous lights of their ritual and delivers another memorable performance 

Copenhell festival, Copenhagen 14/06/2013 : "Death Knell" from the Hades stage in the dusk sounds even more devilish and makes all the people throw their horns up

Download festival, Donington Park (UK) 16/06/2013: A special confessional booth appears at Donington Park...

and while some devotees reveal their confessions at Download festival, from the Coven we are able to hear Ghost performing through the "Confessissumam" stream, since the stage is right close to the confessional. Ghost also are featured in a brief yet delightful clip among the Download Highlights on Sky Arts:

Hellfest Open Air, Clisson 23/06/2013: Due to a last minute change in the festival schedule, Ghost play on the second Main Stage at about midnight and while they perform, when we spot this shot on Instagram where we can see a massive crowd standing before them, we all go chanting so proudly!

Graspop Metal meeting, Dessel 30/06/2013: Skynet.be streams live the first four songs of Ghost' s ritual at Graspop Metal Meeting and allows those of us who were not in Dessel to enjoy at least a glimpse of their performance from home, including a powerful "Con Clavi Con Dio" that leaves us breathless

(Note: this video is from the crowd, not from the streaming, the recording of the first three songs can be found here on the Skynet.be website  ).
{We also picked up this video because when we were choosing which one to include and re-watched it, this was the number of views displayed in that moment:

Plaza, Zürich 03/07/2013: devotees in Switzerland enjoy a gorgeous ritual in a very intimate venue that allows everyone to feel closer to the divine and Papa explains why that night they are finally playing in Hell...

Metaltown, Gothenburg 05/07/2013: "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen" blossoms for the crowd in Sweden and everyone gets caught up singing along and jumping for Ghost!

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