July 04, 2013

Visiones - Music Videos - New "Monstrance Clock" Official Video

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

A new official music video was launched today: "Monstrance Clock"! The footage comes from the rituals at El Rey (Los Angeles) and at the Webster Hall (New York City), the video is directed by Rob Semmer and you will be able to enjoy some great moments of the band before they hit the stage and, of course, during the shows.

"Monstrance Clock" was premiered at Noisey.com but you can watch the clip here at The Coven too.


  1. The Nameless Witches of the Coven would like to thank our beloved Zombie Queen for sharing the video on our behalf while we were busy worshipping Ghost at their live ritual \m/ We were expecting an orgiastic video for this one but perhaps that is a bit what a Ghost live show actually is, right? ;)

  2. Andrey Lucas II4 July 2013 at 02:57


  3. Thank you Zombie Queen for posting this. Hope you are having an amazing ritual A Nameless Witch. I am enthralled with this video!!!

  4. Such a fantastic video. It captures the live feel and magic that happens at these Rituals. Also, I'm in it, so I really love it. -l- HAIL GHOST -l-

  5. It was my pleasure to collaborate with the Nameless Witches! I'll be glat to help anytime!

    Well, the video is nice... But for a song like 'Monstrance Clock' the idea of an orgiastic video it's more appropiate, ehehehe! ;)

  6. You're welcome Kathi! :D