August 06, 2013

Ghost at Double Door, Chicago (IL) 03/08/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

with this intimate ritual, which we can guess has really been an amazing experience for everyone who was there, our Papa and the Nameless Ghouls have concluded the second part of their U.S. tour and after stoically defying the summer heat in their black robes and nonetheless delivering every time great performances, we hope they will have time to enjoy some rest in their cloister and we are sure the Dark Lord will be very pleased with the impeccable service they have once again provided! In the meanwhile we can enjoy some videos from the ritual in Chicago:

"Stand By Him" {we just experienced body possession by the guitars watching this one...}

"Elizabeth" (with a passionate sing along by the crowd - well done fellow devotees in Chicago!)

"Body And Blood" (partial - but the closeness is very intimate)

"Ghuleh/Zombie Queen"

"Year Zero" (with a brief stage invasion too...)

A closer look at "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen":

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"


"The front man obliges fans with his overly dramatic gestures and stage banter, putting on a truly entertaining show. He shepherds followers’ enthusiasm and lionization with the same power and magnetism one might expect of a Pope or orchestra conductor."
"Ghost and Skeletonwitch enchant Chicago fans" + (Photos), on


  1. Now it's more clear what the literal meaning of "being impregnated by the unholy Ghost" is. ;D

  2. And we were! That's for sure! ;D