August 11, 2013

Ghost Interview on FUSE {...and the "Spot the Grohl Ghoul" game has begun}

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

finally the video of the recent interview conducted at Lollapalooza with a Nameless Ghoul on FUSE has
been uploaded online and, as our fellow devotee Lascivious kindly and promptly reported when the interview was aired the other day, we get to hear a revelation that surprised most of us: apparently, there has been an occasion where Dave Grohl has actually performed with Ghost "behind the mask"! But what show was that? The Nameless Ghoul said he can not tell. Ah! We get it, they want us to find the differences and play the "Spot the Grohl Ghoul" game, right? ;) Well, in the past days many of us devotees have been re-watching live footage like crazy to find out any possible hint about this. We know Dave Grohl was spotted among the crowd at the ritual at El Rey Theater back in April this year, but could that possibly be the time he also performed? Well, so far, we have no answers but we are very committed to find out! We all know very well Dave Grohl and our Ghoul drummer are quite different in so many major and minor details, so if some decent live footage of that moment exists, it should not be very difficult for a loyal Ghost devotee to notice some clues...   Other topics covered in this interview are, as usual, how the band handle their anonymity, especially while touring, and if after the "Year Zero" video, more nudity will be shown in music clip. Below the complete interview, enjoy! And feel free to join us in the search for the Grohl Ghoul, we wait for you on the message boards for more speculations about this together ;)

A little update for the game: As suggested on our message boards by our fellow devotee Papa Leightonius, we might have taken for granted too soon that Dave performed on drums, because actually the Nameless Ghoul did not mention what instrument he played, so not necessarily he has performed on drums...and the mystery thickens even more.


  1. And the Ghoul was trying to be nice with Ozzy's Son, hehehe!!! Great interview, so let the game begin!!! :D

  2. We are very bummed we have not found any other clue yet... :/