August 15, 2013

Interview from May on Exclaim! Magazine

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

an interview conducted back in May during the first part of Ghost's U.S. tour has been published today on Exclaim! Magazine, it does not include anything really new, but it can be an interesting recap of some of the main topics about Ghost: how they pictured their concept, trying to re-create the feeling of listening to a classic horror rock band from the 70s; how fast they gained a certain success right away after they started as a band and how their previous label was crucial in their early steps and how their music has a great potential with or without the imagery side. Speaking of the response from the audience the Nameless Ghoul explained they had a better idea of what it has been like in the U.S., due to the fact Ghost had played very often there but not in Europe (at that time they hadn't played any headlining show in Europe yet), he also talked about the ups and downs of maintaining anonymity and their plans to become bigger. Let us enjoy together the complete video of the interview below:

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