August 14, 2013

"Monstrance Clock" and the evolution of a dialogue

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

this time in the Coven we would like to take a minute to analyze the constant evolution Papa Emeritus II's comment to the live version of "Monstrance Clock" has gone through since the song made its first appearance in the setlist, during the Jägermeister tour in the U.K. back in March .
We all probably remember the words of a Nameless Ghoul when he explained that "It's the same thing with a four-year-old. It starts off with one applause, then that child asks for more. He'll say more obnoxious things because it makes people laugh or clap. It all ends with claps." (Pure Volume, April '13).
 Apparently this is what happened also to the "Monstrance Clock" comment: initially it all started as a simple and brief exhortation to get the crowd singing along to the "Come Together, Together As One..." verse:

Brixton Academy, London 24/03/2013: "It's A Song About Fucking, Come On!"

Then Papa probably thought it was better to explain that since the beginning, and it became an intro:
Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque 19/04/2013: "Ok, This Is One About Fucking So It's Very Easy..."

During some rituals,  the hint was more...subtle (bonus: explicit gesture included)
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver 29/04/2013: "It's all about... doing the...naughty"

And along the way, more creative terms appeared...
Corona Theatre, Montreal 07/05/2013: "It is about know, jiggy jiggy?"

In some occasions, we also heard a more scientific approach:
Sonisphere France, Amnéville 09/06/2013:"...It's about flowers, and the bees, and coming together and doing the naughty. You like that? Good."

After some rituals where Papa asked the crowd, in many different ways, if they like having sex, a certainty was achieved...
Tivoli, Utrecht 11/06/2013: "It's about flowers, and bees and getting together and...fuck. You like that? Do you like fucking?" Crowd: "YEEAAHH" Papa:"Nobody ever tells me no."

...However there have been times where some doubts arose...:
Olympiastadion, Helsinki 20/07/2013: "It's about coming together, going down and...jiggy jiggy. You like that?" Crowd, not very loud:"..Yeah..." Papa:"You don't?! Do you??" Crowd:"YEEEAAH!" Papa, more reassured:"Perfect."

The crowd in Brooklyn confirmed that as well:
Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York 28/07/2013: "...And I can hear you like to do that" *Crowd screaming* "...You don't like it?" Crowd, louder: "YEAAHH"  "WOOHOOO"  Papa approves: "Yes." 

Screen cap from "Monstrance Clock" music video:
Brilliant mind at work 

So after being reassured that his devotees enjoy the pleasures of the jiggy jiggy, will our Papa make this become the ultimate formula to present and explain "Monstrance Clock" to the crowd, or will  He enhance it even a bit further? Will He eventually drop for good the habit of commenting the song on the upcoming tour and replace that with something else to entertain his crowds? Only time will tell us what Ghost have in store for us, so at the moment, we can only conclude our little review with... be continued...or not? Only Ghost know

...and it shall continue!

European tour, fall 2013 - "Back to School"

On the European tour in fall 2013, the "Monstrance Clock" dialogue has evolved once again, and the explanation to the crowd has been brought to the next level: Papa Emeritus II talks now to his devotees like a teacher would do with his students. Some of us suspect this might be a result of touring with Deftones, who as we all know, have been singing about going "Back to School" for years...

Backstage Werk, München 23/11/2013:"Listen in the first course to what I'm singing, and in the next course, YOU will sing it. So it's a little bit of a test[...]"

And the evolution goes on...

Celebrating the female orgasm with Papa Emeritus III, a.k.a. The Unholy Master of Orgies

Over the span of more or less three years, we have witnessed an evergoing evolution of the "Monstrance Clock" dialogue and eventually, with the cumming coming of Papa Emeritus III, who has more overtly assumed the role of mentor to teach His children the diabolical importance of carnal pleasures, its relevance as closing speech to Ghost's shows has become much more than an intro to the song, meticulously explaining how this last piece performed shall represent the culmination of the mental/emotional/spiritual intercourse between the devotees attending the live ritual and Ghost, and ultimately has to be sung together as an act of celebrating, specifically, the female orgasm. There are several videos online with examples of this speech, but let us begin with this one which contains some juicy details highlighted below:

House of Blues, Houston 26/04/2016:

Papa Emeritus III, as the caring teacher he is, first starts with a preamble for all those who are witnessing the live ritual for the first time, but also for those who have already seen them and know what is about to happen, to explain the choice to end each set with this specific song:"I saw today that there are more people here, than was here the last time. This leads me to believe that some of you have never seen us before. Is that true? Is this your first night? Alright. Alrighty. I will let you know something, just because of all the novelties here tonight. You see, we always end our set with the same song everytime. Maybe you read about that. But, whereas some people might think it is a little boring, maybe just a little predictable; we would like for you to think of it as an orgasm."
At this point, our Papa knows very well that to actually engage the devotees in this unusual kind of intercourse, they need details, so he gives His crowd plenty of them and even gets on His knees to reach further into His children...: "We've been here together now, we've been dancing, we've been throwing kisses,and mentally, you know, we're pratically fucking already" [Devotees get clearly enthusiastic] "so don't you think by now that we all deserve an orgasm?" [Devotees obviously approve loudly, after all, who wouldn't?]. This leads to the next stage of the speech: Sex Education - Lesson 666 Papa explains - gestures included - how succesful it can be when two people synchronize and align themselves properly while coupling: "don't just rely on the other one, do it together, maybe both of them can come at the same time. And both of them can be happy!" But how does this relate to a Ghost's live ritual? It's diabolically starting to become evident: "For over hundreds of years, even thousands of years, still to this day in more medieveal societies of our beautiful, putrid globe, the female orgasm is regarded as a craft of the Devil!" Papa asks the crowd's opinion and perceives "mixed emotions", but nothing can change that "You are today witnessing a Mass for the Dark Lord, correct?" [Devotees approve] "So in here, WE CELEBRATE THE FEMALE ORGASM!".
The crowd appears ready to join the climax and finally Papa asks them: "Will you sing loud and clear with your Texas accent, a song to celebrate the female orgasmmmmh?" [Crowd: "YEAAAHHH"] Papa:"...In the name of Satan."

Another recording definitely worthy to be included here must surely be this one from Ghost's Hellfest 2016 performance, when, additionally to His crowd of devotees in the audience, Papa Emeritus III (aka "Unholy Master of Orgies") delivers His devilish lesson, spanning from biology to religion, to an actual "class" of children: the young students of Clisson's music school in fact, join Ghost on stage to sing along the infamous orgasm-celebrating choir.

And of course, while fireworks blowing in the sky are closing Ghost's performance, Papa Emeritus III greets everyone with an important reminder: "Have a pleasant rrrrride home, and when you do get home, don't forget to fuck each other!"
(Notice the children's faces in the video right after this statement at min. 8:18 ...)

Last update: XXV.VI.MMXVI

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