August 01, 2013

Support Ghost at the Rockbjörnen Awards - Step II

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

remember when in June we shared this post about voting for Ghost to enter the Rockbjörnen Awards nominations? Well, our Coven acolyte SatanicRoyalty on the message boards has just informed us that they are in! Hell Satan!, we have made it, and now onto the second step: let us vote for them in the selected categories "Årets Livegrupp" ("Best Live Band of the Year") & "Årets Hårdrock/Metal" (Best Hardrock/Metal Band of the Year").  Here's how to vote:

- Move your astral body to the this page on the Aftonbladet website

- Scroll the page until the form to vote for the Rockbjörnen Awards categories (below all the pictures, under the Rockbjörnen logo where it says "Rösta på dina favoritartister här")

- Check the boxes to select Ghost in the categories "Årets Livegrupp" and "Årets Hårdrock/Metal" and then click on the button that says "Nästa" (Next)

- There we must insert our first and last name (FÖR- & EFTERNAMN) , an email address (E-POSTADRESS), the mobile number is optional, select the year of birth (FÖDELSEÅR), select female (KVINNA) or male (MAN), then write the result in the control question field (KONTROLLFRÅGA), un-check the boxes below to avoid receiving advertisement emails and finally, click on "Rösta" (Vote).
{thanks to SatanicRoyalty for the help with the instructions in English!}.

It is possible to vote once a day (actually twice if you use both a computer and a smartphone) until August 19th so let us make it a daily habit because we envision a triumphant future for Ghost!

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